It was the hottest time of the year here when I started working on pair #4. Started mid July and I think it was already August when I finished them. The hottest and muggy weather here in Israel. I felt like I’m making a joke of myself but what could I do? I was totally into sock learning/making. Who could think logically? It got me hooked no matter how related or not it was to the weather. Now when I look at the pile of socks in the picture above, I feel so proud and satisfied.Together with a friend/student of mine, we ordered an ‘all over pattern’ sock yarn. At this point I felt I’m just starting to know a little about sock wool and I knew what I was looking for.

For my next pair I wanted an all over print (not stripes) but overall I was looking for a soft handle wool. I came across this soft superwash merino Cascade Heritage Paints yarn at the Winwick Mum Sockalong FB group, and thought it’ll be nice to try it on my pair#4. It was also nice not to be worry about the stripes repeat and just knit knit knit in nice small circles. I made two balls of 50 gr’ each, using my knitting umbrella and wool winder and I was ready to go.Our car was already packed and we were on our way to a little vacation with friends, in the north of Israel. While E was driving and the kids were taking control on what will be heard through the sound system, I started to knit my #4 pair of hand knitted socks – Happy me (and happy Coldplay too). It was clear right at the first rounds that I’m all in love with this soft yarn and the way the colours merge together. Starting with the rib, on my short circular needles, following Christine’s super socks book – love to follow her instructions. This book is so professional and is a must have if you like to learn how to knit socks.  Next session of knitting was on the pool of Kibbuz Ashdot Yaacov. I knitted most of the leg part while kids are jumping in and out of the pool with E and with friends. Of course I also went in and out of the water – it was so hot that you couldn’t imagine sitting there without a pool to cool your body. BUT I was knitting wool socks – I felt like a joke. We spent three days there with a few families, spending all day long at the pool, taking, drinking, eating and (me) knitting. We had such a fun time together. I had two legs ready for heel flap and heel turn before we came back home. Plus Socks bunny waiting to get ears. And I also had my own collection of Fripperies & bibelots stitch markers now, which makes sock knitting even better. I ordered these for a few of my students (which were also busy knitting socks) as well as for myself and not a long after I got a little present from a far away freind, some more colours from Rebecca’s Room, so now I have such a cheerful collection of these tiny stitch markers. These little things can fly me to the moon.  And here I am ready to close my fourth pair of hand knitted socks with the kitchener stitch. Can you see this needle case? This one was made by my mom. She made this for me. She also made some for my students which I hope to share here in the future. My mom is the most creative person I’ve ever met. Lucky me (she’ll come here today and I’ll let her know I wrote about her). This needle case is like a little portable ‘sock knitting studio’ made out of cotton fabric oddments. Ever since she gave it to me it is on our living room table, smiling at me every time I pass or sit next to it. It was late when I finished these but I had to wear them and walk around proudly before I went to bed. Well of course I took some more colourful photos with pair #4 when the light was better, so whenever you’re ready….Pair #4 coordinates beautifully with Stripes & Colours blanket, but not just…It also goes very well with Bloom blanket, playing so nicely with all these cotton colours. Love to see these knitted wool socks and crochet cotton blankets together. Just couldn’t stop myself from taking more and more of these photos, this is too much fun. These hand knitted wool socks found their place in my studio like they’ve been there for ages. Both textures and colours fit into my home studio language so naturally.After finishing pair #4 I can say that by now I have started learning something about sock wool. This all over Cascade is a soft wool and I enjoyed knitting with it. It was also fun to knit an all over sock for the first time, no stripes but a lot of colours running thought and it still kept my heart very happy along the knitting. Four hand knitted pairs made by me – I am so pleased by that. Can’t take my eyes of them.Thank you for joining my sock journey. Hope these colours and textures inspired you in a way and if you feel this tickling with your fingers, just let me tell you, sock knitting is an addiction and it got me hooked. I will share more hand knitted socks I made. One pair at a time, not just for the record but also to lit your days up and send my love to you through these colourful stitches. My sock posts are all under the Socks category on the right side bar: [Pair #1]  [Pair #2]  [Pair #3]It is Hanukkah here now days, so I have to go now make some preparations before my parents and my sister with her boys will come for dinner. We will lit up the 4th candle today together with Shabbat candles. I wish you all a nice and easy weekend wherever you are, xxxMo

P.S If by any chance you feel inspired and you like to try making your own hand knitted socks, here are some useful links for everything you’ll need:

Winwick Mum sockalong

Super Sock book by Christine Perry

Sock Yarn

DPN’s 2.5 mm these or these
Short circular needls: these or these

Row counter

Stitch Markers

Tapestry needle