Thank you so much for coming again, Today I’ll share here the second part of my rose cushion tutorials. Hope you enjoy ‘my rose cushion’ part one. If you happen to follow and create one of your own, it’s about time to continue and make it a pretty puffy rosy cushion. Are you ready to do the thing?ddcu1If you followed the first part of this tutorial, you have 2 circles by now, and you should have your bouquet stitched up onto your front circle centre. Put your circles so their left side are kissing and their right sides are facing out. The bouquet is facing you. Like shown at the above picture.cu2cu3Use a 3.25 mm hook. Insert your hook into any stitch around, take one st from each circle.
Attache the Foggy colour and ch 1 (counts as your first sc).cu5Sc in each of the next 50 sts, taking one st of each circle and sc them together .you create the closed part now. simply sc both circles together.
Now, we are going to make the opening part, the area where we will push our pad cushion through, later. We will only crochet into the back circle sts now, to create the opening and the buttons loops.cu6Sl st into the next st, of the back circle ONLY. leave the front circle behind – don’t work it now.cu8 ch 3, sk 1, sl st into next st (of back side/circle only). First button loop made.cu9Sl st in next 9 sts (of back circle only), make sure your sl sts are not too tight, make them with a soft hand.cu10ch 3, sk 1, sl st into next st of back circle – second button loop.cu11*sl st in next 9 sts, ch 3, sk 1, sl st in next* repeat between 3 times. You should have 5 button loops made, with 9 sl sts between them. Our opening part just made (I used 47 sts in total for the opening). Now we are going to continue connecting both sides/circles together.cu13 So, Put both circles, nicely one on top of the other. Count 47 sts on your front side (the one without the button loops) start counting from where you stopped working this side, and sc into the next of both sides together (into the 48th). Leave the opening part behind.cu14Sc in next 107 sts around, taking one st of each circle and sc them together. Sc both circles together till you meet your initial ch 1. Sl st in your initial ch 1 to close.

Shall Edge 
cu15you still work with your bouquet facing you. Sl st into next st, sk 1, make 5 dc’s into next st, sk 2 sts – First shell made.cu16cu17*Sl st in next, sk 1, 5 dc in next, sk 2 sts* repeat between till you reach the opening part. 10 shells made, by now.
cu33We are going to crochet the shells now, just on the front side of the opening part. When you meet the opening part, make sure your first sl st made at the first st on the front side circle OLNY, where the opening just starts. Now sk 1, and make 5 dc’s into the next, sk 2.cu34Turn your work now and look, the shell you just made is sitting exactly in front of your first button loop. can you see it?cu35cu36You should now continue working the shell edge on the front circle ONLY, repeating the *sl st in next, sk 1, 5 dc in next, sk 2* till you have 1 shell opposite to each button loop and 1 shell in between each of them. We just made 9 shells at the opening part, right?
Now you are at the connected part again.cu37When you meet the connected part again, you just continue making the same shell edge around, Make sure your first sl st is made into the first sc at the connected part and continue making your shell edge, repeating between** till you reach the first sl st made.
cu39Sl st into your initial sl st – to close. FASTEN OFF and weave in tail.cu38Now you have a beautiful shall edge around your rose cushion – are you happy with it? I just love this simple shall edge here, it is just perfect for this round sweet cushion. The fact that you can always open your cushion and give it a wash, is so necessary when you have kids around…. loving your crochet creations…. don’t you agree? So, are you ready now for our last  l a s t  part? follow me, you’ll love it.cu27If you have ‘my rose cushion’ kit, take out this Liberty of London sweet fabric buttons, and lets stitch them right in place together.
For those of you who didn’t buy the kit, you can get the buttons here.
cu29Take your first button and put it exactly where I show at the above right picture. Now the back side of your cushion is facing you. Place your first button in this little hole, where your 5 dc’s made, at the first shell in your opening part (on the left side of the shell) see my sewing pin. cu31In these fabric buttons, there’s this little white/ transparent plastic ‘leg’. We will stitch our buttons through this little ‘leg’ and it’ll very gently show through the front side shells.cu30Stitch your first button, using this ‘leg’ , like shown in picture above. I’m using the GrannyKit cotton, colour Foggy yarn, but you can use any other invisible yarn, as long as it doesn’t show through.cu32And there you go, your first button is just in place, now button it up to make sure you’re happy with it. In the same way do the next 4 buttons. Place your next button opposite to the next loop, exactly the same way you did the last one.cu43cu42That’s it my lovelies. You just made it. Your rose cushion is done. Look at it and enjoy the work you did, super SUPER lovely, isn’t it?
I think 5 buttons will make a nice opening part, to put the cushion pad through. But you have 7 buttons in the kit, in case you want to make a bigger opening part.cu44Now we just need a 40 cm’ cushion pad, to fill it in. My mom just made one for me, using a recycled linen fabric. My creative mom, she is so helpful and loved. But I’m sure you can find one in Amazon or e-bay, or just make one.cu46cu48 Squeeze it through the opening area and place the bouquet in the centre, make it beautifully centered with your hands :: Bliss :: Enjoy the beautiful rose cushion you just made, hug it and go get yourself a nice piece of chocolate now – you deserve it. and if you like, share it with us on IG use hashtag #myrosecushion, so we can all see it and enjoy your rose cushion.cushion Leave me a comment, tell me what you think, have you enjoyed following this tutorials? If you want to create my rose cushion with the same GrannyKit cotton colours and same Liberty of London fabric buttons, the kit is at the shop now, check it out, it’s Muuuuuy pretty. See you soon, xoxMo.