Crochet video tutorials for beginners have always been a big help in my local classes. We often go to Youtube to look for a good video tutorial. But in almost every class my students want to have a video with my hands making the stitch, that they can take home with. It helps them to practice what they learned. Some of those videos are shared over on my IG highlights.
On my CrochetObjet knitting journey I learned that:
A. I truly love teaching.
B. I can teach right handed people even though I’m a left handed crocheter (and a right handed knitter) YES. And
C. There’s nothing like ‘learn from watching’.
I love teaching
I love doing it side by side with designing and pattern writing, which is more or less the same thing. But, when a student needs help in between classes, I often find myself struggling because there’s nothing better than showing ‘how to’ with my hands. This is especially true with absolute beginners. Combining classes with video tutorials made it much easier for me to handle. My Crochet video tutorials for beginners makes it easier for me to teach not just locally but also people from all over the world. As we are, (once again), into a full lockdown here in Israel, I can’t have my weekly local classes BUT I can still teach over YouTube.
Left handed teaching right handed
My biggest fear before my very first workshop, a few years ago, was was how would it work? I’m a left handed crocheter and all of the participants were right handed. Literally, I haven’t slept the whole night before that workshop. I was really so insecure regarding this issue (and so many others…). But the ladies who ‘pushed me’ to set up this workshop and who were part of it, made me believe that it is worth a trial. Looking back it was so right. Most of my students during the years to come are right handed and most of them are coming again and again, for years.
In my patterns there are usually many pictures along the written instructions. But I flip them and it works. In my Youtube tutorials you see it just as in real life. I was absolutely insecure before recording my first video and even more before recording my crochet video tutorials for beginners. Eventually I decided to let go of my fears and to work with what I have.
Learn from watching 
In this post I shared how 2020 brought me into the sourdough adventure. In sourdough, just as with crochet or knitting techniques, I learned a lot from watching other people. I spent hours on YouTube, watching how to continental knitting when I wanted to learn how to hold the yarn on my left hand. Just as I spend hours watching people folding and scoring their sourdough. It made me create a sourdough highlight on IG where I share my own making, to help others just like it helped me to learn from watching.
SO, If you are new to crochet, and you want to learn from someone who loves teaching, checkout my YouTube channel. I made a special playlist of crochet video tutorials for beginners. These videos will make you familiar with the basic crochet stitches such as: Ch: Chain stitch, Sc: Single Crochet, Hdc: Half double crochet and Dc: Double crochet. But first just watch my hands, watch the ‘rhythm’ of the stitches, even before you pick up a crochet hook and a yarn. Hope you’ll find these videos helpful and please share them…
And oh btw, make sure you give yourself some time to practice and don’t say I haven’t told you, this crochet thing is VERY addictive. Go grab a cup-of and come join me on YouTube. Please subscribe to my channel. It’ll make my heart sing. HAPPY 2021!