It was bright and shiny earlier this week so I thought I would give my Bloom Crochet blanket a wash and lay it flat to dry on our balcony table. I washed it using delicate cycle in the washing machine and as I spread it flat on the table I thought why not share the colour layout of all 165 squares in this blanket now, NOW?

I haven’t gotten down to write for a few weeks, for many reasons, although I really wanted to. Somehow, more ‘important’ things came by my ‘to do’ list. Today I’m here to share something you’ve been asking for and I was hoping to share for a while. As many of you purchased both Bloom Blanket pattern and the kit recently I thought it might be helpful, to have the squares colour layout of this crochet blanket project. I know some of you have been waiting for it and I’m happy to finally share it with you.

I made the Bloom Blanket back in summer 2013. It just bloomed out of my hands without any colours layout pre-plans. I just had a box full of cotton colours next to me and I dived into granny square making – as simple as that. I started by making two rounds granny squares and than joined them on the 3rd round. It was made spontaneously, with only one thing in mind – I wanted it to be as colourful as possible. I was looking for a blanket made out of all these cotton colour. The colours made my heart BLOOM, I was totally in love with my work. The process of making was as joyful as the finished blanket.

Back than, I didn’t have a clue that one day there will be someone that would like to create the same colour work created on my Bloom Blanket. I thought it might be a blanket to work with a free choice of colours, but your reactions on the colours and all the love sent from all over, made me create the Bloom Blanket kit with all the cotton colours crocheted in my original blanket. I also wrote a blog post with 10 COLOURING TIPS TO MAKE YOUR BLOOM BLANKET ROCK to help you colouring your projects.

Today I will be sharing the exact scheme / layout of all these colourful squares. Which means if anyone wants to create the exact same Bloom Blanket as mine, it is all here available for you. With this colour table you can make your colourful granny squares centre piece and then frame it just as instructed in the pattern.

As you know I made my Bloom Blanket out of Granny Kit cotton. It is made out of 165 (15 X 11) three rounds squares – a rich and colourful centre work, framed by 13 rounds. In this Colour Table I listed the colours worked in each round of each and every square in the blanket centre. The table shows the squares worked from right to left, top to bottom – this is the direction you need to work the join-as-you-go method. You start by working two rounds squares and join-as-you-go on the 3rd round.

The blanket as I originally made it, is about 108 X 80 cm (42.5″ X 31.5″). The yarn pack can make a much bigger blanket but you might need to change the framing, playing with the yarn given in the kit. You can work this project with any other yarn (4 ply cotton or any other fibre) you like. If you use other yarn but you still want your Bloom Blanket with same colours as mine, you can take a look at my colour card to see the colour names and match your own yarn to these colours.

If you like to make your own Bloom Blanket you would need:
The Bloom Blanket Pattern
The Bloom Blanket Kit – yarn pack
The Bloom Squares Colour Table – download here :

Thank you so much for reading, hope this blanket inspires you to go get some yarns and hook and start your own Bloom journey. Please share your WIPs and creations with #Bloomblanket and #crochetobjet I will check these hashtags every few days. xxxMo