For the last few weeks or so, I’ve been working on this special custom project. Luckily, I haven’t made it all by myself. My sweet and talented student Hilla, jumped into the making with me . Hilla wasn’t just a big help in terms of working hands, but also huge fun and creative company. Well I really pushed my personal self limits when saying yes to this job order and I knew from the first moment it would take a lot of time and effort. So when Hilla offered to help I was so happy. At the very beginning of this process I realized I enjoy each and every moment so much. I think that when saying yes to this job I knew, at the back of my mind or somewhere deep deep inside my stomach that I needed this kind of job. A job that would provide hours of meditative single crochet stitches, in which there is not so much ‘brain space’ required. It was exactly what I needed in order to get a little peace of mind. Hilla and myself were working on this project in very limited time slots, in between workshops and Mondays and kids and… you know this list doesn’t stop…. We spent hours of laughing and chatting together while working on this cheerful crochet Angie’s and Benji’s project. But I also had a bunch of hours crocheting by myself, having some meditative hooky times right in the centre of my comfort zone – which was perfect for me.

It was such a cheerful WIP that I just couldn’t skip sharing it. While working on a few bunnies and bears at the same time, the production line started looking like a candy shop and it got sweeter and sweeter in every step along the way. The making of these cotton bunnies and bears is a pure pleasure to crochet and brings JOY inside ones heart.

Last week we finally got it all done and they were ready to ship. The result came out so cute, they are just as one big family. So many different family members with different personalities, came out from Angie Bunny pattern and Benji the Bear pattern. The bunnies wear: the Spring Gardener Outfit, the Pretty in Pink Dress , and the Nordic Bunny Boots. which are free patterns here on my blog. There’s also a mixture of Easter Bunny Outfit with plain pants from the spring gardener pattern.

I had a little packing play time, when I found myself taking pictures and enjoying the Angie Benji gang. I could spend time taking pictures of them forever. Really it was too much to ask from me to wrap them and put them in these cotton project bags.

A few days ago, while they were all packed inside these bags, it suddenly jumped out of my head. I thought it can be a great project for you to crochet during your Holidays or during the winter, in those everyday quiet moments. SO, I decided to go on a Winter Sale in my Etsy shop, just in case your fingers start to make this jump-y dance, seeing all these bunny legs… At first I thought of patterns sale only, but why not to make it on everything on the shop? This is my opportunity to gift you and say Happy New Year.

The Winter Sale offers 20% off on 3 items or more, including everything in the shop: Kits, Patterns, Cotton balls & notebooks. No special code is needed, it’s all set so that whenever you have 3 items in your cart the 20% will automatically go through. The Winter Sale will be available till January 26th 2019. NOTE: some of the kits are in limited quantities so if there’s anything that lighten up your creativity don’t miss out.

It really makes me happy to think that my patterns and kits brings some extra delightful moments in your every day life. Makes me so HAPPY!
I wish you all lots of happy moments during your holidays wherever you are. HAPPY NEW YEAR and a blessed 2019 to us all. xoxMo