do you get excited from a great colour combo? so do i!

Hi, my name is Mo (Moran), I’m a textile designer, sucker for colour, delighted with all things bright and beautiful.
After graduating from Shenkar College of design, I had my first experience in a colour forecasts studio in Amsterdam. As a stagier, besides making SO many cups of tea, I helped making the spring summer 2000 edition, building up tons of inspiration boards, matching colours to fit the palette atmosphere.
I can tell you for sure that this first experience was super for me and I owe a big thank you to my teachers who sent me there.

Cotton crochet flowers


My first real job was as a textile designer at a lingerie and Leisure wear company, where I had a fantastic opportunity to work for Marks&Spencer, spending a week of almost every month in the design studio in London. I appreciate these times greatly, since I’ve learned a lot about working with a long distance design team. Together we created high quality textiles for the collections and as a total right brain/left brain mix I was the perfect match for the Marks&Spencer team.
Eyal and I were just about to get married, and the design team and myself were quite keen on finding me a wedding dress in London. I remember once we sneaked out of the office in the middle of the day, ran to Harvey Nichols to try and find that dress for me, it ended up with so much fun together but no dress.
So in spring 2000 we got married and after a year we had our first baby girl – Maya.

As a fresh mom I couldn’t see myself travailing so often and as I took my maternity break, it became clear to me that this job wasn’t for me anymore.
It was an absolute 3 years of professional experience for me, as a fresh designer.

It took me one year to find myself back in the marketplace.

Design director while teaching at the Shenkar College

I thought I was looking for a 6 hour-day-job where I could still spend time with my baby and have my nesting flowering time forever, while actually I found myself as a head designer at a jacquard mill not very far from home.

In the first week at RamtexDesign I totally redecorated the design studio and it became more than a home to me. About 2 years later I became a design director and sure enough my baby (and then my second one) spent hours sleeping behind my desk, while I worked on new collections and colour ways, before travelling to show at Decosit or while preparing a trip to see customers.

It was usual for me to come to the office in the morning and see my boss or one of the designers starring at my desk, they said they got creation energy from looking at the way I put things together and that my desk was an inspiration. AT MY DESK became a big theme on my IG and FB page.

After my second child, Uri, was born (minion2) I got a call from Shenkar college offering me an attractive part-time job teacher at the weaving department which I couldn’t refuse so I “weaved” it into my tight schedule and untill today, I go there and feedback students on their projects.

Meanwhile at RamtexDesign, as a design director I was managing the American contract market which consumed 75% of the general income of the mill at the time, working with companies like Architex, Knoll, Bernhardt textiles, Kravet, ArcCom, and Carnegie, building up textile collections for their needs.

I loved working together with the profetional companies’ design directors, making it right for each one of them, trying to meet their design and colour statements.

My textile collections and my colour ways became best sellers and the mill was weaving hundreds of thousands of meters of them.
They took part in beautiful projects in the high end contract market, hotels, restaurant chains,
office buildings, pleasure boats and concert halls.

Back in 2010, after my third child Tomer (minion3) was born, it became clear that it was time for a change.

After spending a few months at home with my new baby boy, I came back to the office and a few days later, there were flight tickets on my desk. I had to go meet customers in Heimtex, Frankfurt.

As much as I was excited to meet people I loved and missed, it was very hard for me to think of leaving my 3 minions at home.


Well, as you can imagine, it wasn’t very easy to give up a place that was like a second home to me for 8 years, but a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do.

Naturally, I continued freelance directing textile collections for American companies that still wanted my hands and eyes on their textile projects. But my hands wanted to create beautiful nesting things and I couldn’t fight it. I wanted to crochet a granny blanket.

Like most of us my grandma and mom taught me to crochet when I was a girl but I needed to refresh my memory – which I did with everyone who was willing to show, even the lady I met at the queue at the yarn shop.
Crochet blankets


I’m so proud of my first granny blanket and of the next one and the next one.

The magazines and instructions I’ve collected became a huge pile of projects waiting for me, together with a nice yarn stash.
I needed a place to organize them, I needed my own desk! SO…with a little pale blue table I found, I joined my husband in his cozy office in a spare bedroom overlooking a little balcony garden. “I’ll be using just a little corner space here next to you, it will be fun working together” and the rest is history.

After having my desk again I started to build up my home studio.
Crochet objet studio


I’m a happy working-at-home mom, running my own home-business and online shop, still directing textile collections when the project size fits my time frame.

Workshops, patterns and cotton

I’m running local workshops at our kitchen table, which is full of cotton colours, cookies and girl talk with so much fun and good vibes.

We live in an airy, full of light penthouse where I can finally practice my gardening skills, and just the perfect space for workshops.

If you are not very close-by to join my workshops but would love to, you can set up a one on one Skype meeting with me for crochet or for colour consultation on any project you’re busy with.

At my online ETSY SHOP you’ll find my nonstop growing GrannyKit cotton collection together with easy to follow crochet patterns and crochet kits.

Couldn’t become reality without them

My beloved husband Eyal who is a great support and the engine behind my ideas, helps me with administration, computers, Etsy bills and millions of other things I could never make right without him.

My precious friend Shirley, who is the owner of studio Nylon, created the graphic language from the very first step of CrochetObjet. EVERYTHING graphic is under her eye and hands.


Following my blog you’ll find more of my creation energy, everything at my desk and tons of colour inspiration, not just from my work but also from inspiring places I visit or pretty things I meet on my way.

Hope my story inspired you to do what you love and to love what you do.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

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