The weeks are flying by so fast and it’s getting crazy lately. It’s the ‘end of school year’ time and I find myself juggling between so many kids activities in the past few weeks. I’m not a big fan of those ‘end of year’ parties and these millions parents meetings. I’m not very good at such social meetings to be honest. Sometimes I feel it’s a little too much for me. I’m a very homey and ‘small meetings’ kind of person. Thanks God I have this studio. Coming back to my little corner is always such a bliss. A quiet place to host my busy mind.Today  I’m  here  with  a free  crochet  pattern.8532I have so many plans and new ideas to share here with you and I always find myself in such a huge delay. I have a few pretty projects on my hook at the moment, which I plan to share with you soon. One of the things I plan to share here, is more of my Angie bunny clothing and accessorise. This is a free crochet pattern for a baby bunny dress. This bunny addiction is quite fun and there are so many more clothing and additional ideas that I want to share here. I finally found some quiet time to sit down and write a step-by-step dress pattern, a photographed one.8529So, are you ready for a new pattern today? After having the pretty in pink pattern for Angie, I think it’s time to dress up her little one now. I’ve created a step-by-step pattern for you, including pictures for almost every step. If you had the chance to crochet your baby bunny, you’ll be very happy with this one. This mini ‘Pretty in pink’ dress is an easy breezy project. It’s a comfy and removable bunny dress, with a tiny little fabric button at the back so it’s easy to take out. It’s a very fast DIY project. Let’s start with some technical info first.


A crocheted baby bunny
Yarn: GrannyKit cotton colour Baby Pink or Rose.
Crochet hook: 2.75 mm
A pair of crafty scissors
Tapestry needle
Tiny fabric button10

ch = chain stitch
st(s) = stitch(s)
rnd(s) = round(s)
yo = yarn over
lp(s) = loop(s)
*…* = repeat instructions between ** x times

sc = single crochet insert hook, yo, pull the lp back through the st (2 lps on hook), yo and pull through both lps on hook.

hdc = half double crochet = yo, insert hook, yo, pull the lp back through the st (3 lps on hook), yo and pull through all 3 lps on hook.


TO START Ch 11 with colour BabyPink.

row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, where I show on right below picture, with my sewing pin, sc 2 in each st across. (20 sts)1row 2: Ch 3 and turn, hdc in next 3 sts (see left below picture), ch3, sk 3 sts, hdc in next 6 sts, ch3, sk 3 sts, hdc in last 4 sts. (14 hdc’s + 2 ch spaces). We have just created the sleeves openings. The initial ch3 made is going to be the button loop. 2row 3: ch 1 and turn, sc in first 4 sts, sc 2 in ch space, sc in next 6 sts, sc 2 in next ch space, sc in last 4 sts. (18 sts)

row 4: ch 2 and turn (counts as first hdc), hdc in same st, at the base of turning ch2, where I show with my sewing pin, hdc3 in next sts. *hdc2 in next st, hdc 3 in next* repeat between ** till the end of the row. Your work should look like right below picture. (45 sts)3row 5: ch 2 and turn (counts as first hdc), hdc in each st across. At the end, sl st into the second ch of your initial ch2 to close. (45 sts)4Continue working in rnds from here.

rnds 1-2: (2 rnds) ch 2 (counts as first hdc), hdc in each st around, sl st into the second ch of your initial ch2 to close. (45 sts). It will fold out and look like the right below picture at the end of rnd 2. Fasten off and weave in the tail. Make it look like a tiny pleated dress. 5Place the tiny little fabric button opposite the button loop (left pic). Sew the button in place, using the plastic leg at the back of the button (right pic).

And your mini pretty in pink dress is ready. You can dress your baby bunny now. Put the dress from the legs up, pull the hands through the sleeves openings and button it up. Give your little ‘pretty in pink’ a bunny hug and make her feel at home, she’s the cutest, makes my heart sing…13Making her a freind/sister is just a natural bunnies kind of thing. I made the ‘pretty in pink’ dress in colour Rose as you can see here on the right baby bunny.15I could make millions of these baby bunnies, I’m so in love with small dolls, have my own nice collection. Hope you enjoyed this super fast bunny dress pattern. The plan is to share here one more baby suite soon, and when I say soon I mean as soon as a mother of 3 minions can do… 8532aIf you’re on IG please share your work using #prettyinpink and # Angiebunny, I would love to see your Angie and baby.
I have a lot of new things on my desk at the moment, waiting to be shared here… really wish for a little more blogging time… a little more ‘at my desk’ time…. see you soon, xoxMo