I absolutely love to have these colour therapy – crochet workshops on our Kitchen table. LOVE just LOVE it. Each workshop with it’s colourful crochet projects. Each workshop with it’s own vibes and creation energy. Would you like to join one of these meetings? Today you can! I just finished organizing all the colourful pictures – one of the joyful jobs ever, and I’m ready to share everything inspiring from May workshops. Let’s dive right into these colourful pictures.11First off, the table. If you follow this blog for a while, you know I do care a lot about my table styling. I start working on the table lay-out the night before the workshop. The table needs to be very inviting and colourful with 84 cotton colours on the table. I create a special area for each of the girls, depending on the project she chose. It’s not just the table, it’s the whole workshop space though. I take all my cotton boxes out of the studio + arrange the table, the night before the workshop. I add some fresh fruits and cookies the morning after, very close to the time when the girls are coming. 4I love to work on the table styling and to create a magical workshop space, so when the girls come in, they immediately feel they are into a welcoming creative environment. I love to create this colour therapy Microcosmos. 3Few minutes after they step in, they are all sat around the table, each one next to her own project. Holding the hooks, getting into this crochet and colour therapy bliss. At the picture above you see O, one of my new students, crocheting the Basic Granny Sq & Joining, enjoying the magic of 3 colourful rounds squares. The colour she uses, at the picture above, is Chilli. 26Here you can see R starting her Lily square project. She uses colours: Festive, Coral and Yellow for the circle and colour Cream for the square making. I could feel her joy, every minute during this morning as she couldn’t stop crocheting, not even for one little cherry. 5Usually, the minute I feel they are all on the right track, each with her own project, I make coffee and fresh herbs tea. We have a small herbs garden on the windowsill, right next to the kitchen table. The combination of crochet & tea/coffee with a nice atmosphere makes it all just so perfect, SUPER deliciously P E R F E C T!!!9Y is crocheting my new Madeleine pincushion pattern, at the picture above. This hexagon pincushion pattern is such a fun to work on. It’s really very easy, cute little project – she managed to finish it at the workshop and called me the same evening, telling me she made the second one at home, same day.
781268131We had few Madeleine pincushions here during May workshops. Each colour combination became prettier than the other, look at the one above. YA used colours: BabyPink, Citron, Rose, PineForest, Apple & Berry.

18We also had the Angie bunny section on May workshops …. could you imagine a workshop without Angie? No no no… can’t be.8144One Angie in the work, head and ears are about to be made here, with colour Sand. How cute and easy is this bunny process. 8Here you see this beautiful RU’s Angie bunnies collection. RU was playing with bunnies clothing, she just can’t stop crocheting bunnies. She made the Pretty in pink dress in this workshop. This dress is an easy going pattern, you can follow the free step-by-step tutorials here.1781321416Few more Madeleine pincushions in work. A.Y is the lady who was the first to ask me to write down my hexagon pincushion pattern. She was waiting for it very patiently, here above you see how she enjoy the making. She use colours: Ecru, Alice, OffWhite, HotOrange & Citron.8129Alice blanket made by M, she’ll soon finish it and work of the framing. She uses colour Foggy. Her framing ideas are just gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what will she choose. I’ll update you soon. Have you ever crocheted a one colour, just rows, blanket? I made an Alice blanket for my best freind’s daughter (sweet Hili, from HILI BAG, remember?) and I can tell you, it was such a joyful project to work on. An absolute meditating crochet project.20On the right above picture you can see a Tapestry basket at work. Have you ever tried Tapestry crochet? It’s a technique you should learn as it’s fun and the results will make your heart sing.22A Flower square in work, RE is using colours: Cameo, Aubergine & Umber, at the left above picture. At the right above picture, you see this tiny little baby elephant. I bought this pattern on Etsy a long time ago and I have to say, this pattern is written like, not so very well. I had to write it all over and to make few changes in order to get what I wanted, and to be able to crochet it. One of the girls bought it as well, at the same place I did. She wanted to crochet it here at the workshop. I made her a nice Hebrew PDF file, clear and easy to follow. What a cute little baby Elephant she made. I gave her a melange’s wool I once bought in Paris. The one next to it is made with White Lace GrannyKit cotton yarn.8135So many cotton colours, 84 different colours on the table. Happy hands in work. Fresh herbs tea in the cups. Can you ask for more? is it pure happiness? I think it is. Here, right here on my kitchen table. I wish you could take a plane and come over. OR maybe I’ll come over to your place? I wish…8133This lady, she came all the way from Haifa (one and a half hour driving). She wanted to crochet the Smitten pattern by ByHaafner. It’s a great vintage square and ByHaafner made a Free pattern which is so very easy to follow. THANK YOU ByHaafner!!! we love your pattern here. Colour used here is Olive.81378136If you do your Madeleine? What colour way would you choose? Look at this one above, made of colours: Umber, Foggy, Spicy, Pistachio, Lily & Citron – Gorgeousness isn’t it?8180One more 4 Seasons Chevron blanket in work, almost done, just few more rows to go. I love this Greenish blue colour combination. 8146That is all, all pretty and inspiring moments from our crochet meetings. Hope you had fun diving with me into May workshops and that you could feel this total crochet and colour therapy bliss. In few days I will start my June workshops so you can join virtually with me again, no matter where you are on the map…. Stay tuned, xoxMo

P.S all photos were taken by me.