Let’s knit and chat about how life looks like these days. Get yourself a cup of something, bring your crafty project and come join me.

When more and more individual details from Hamas ISIS brutal attack and hostages stories are coming into our life, I find myself constantly looking for calmness. I feel completely desperate and in need of more relaxing time. I try simplifying things and stick to the most basics everyday activities. It’s being reflected in every simple thing that I do or work on and knitting is included.

This week I uploaded a new episode in which I invite you to join me for a relaxed knitting. This is exactly what I needed during the past week. let's knit and chatIn this knit and chat episode I share an update from the situation here in Israel, while I knit a new square into my Coziest Memory blanket. You have many questions about this project and in this chat I try to answer a few. The Coziest Memory by Kemper Wray is a free download on Ravelry

I forgot to mention in the video that I wear my Cardigan No. 7 by My Favourite Things Knitwear. I think I knitted it two years ago. Anyways it’s getting cold here and I enjoy wearing it.

For the last few months, I’ve been busy crocheting a new granny square summer throw and I share my work in progress over on my YouTube channel. Many of you asked if I could create a video tutorial and show how I crochet my squares. At first I told you that it’s just a simple solid square with popcorn stitches in the corners of the 6th round and directed you to watch this tutorial. But some insisted on having a full video of me crocheting my squares. So, earlier this week I uploaded a new crochet tutorial where I show how I crochet my Soft Rose granny square.

let's knit and chatThis is basically a 7 round solid square with popcorn stitches in the corners of the 6th round. This corner detail creates a lovely meeting point when you put the squares together.

In this tutorial I crochet the Soft Rose square from the very start up to the very last step. I show how I close my square using the invisible join and how I weave in the yarn ends. Because I know you want these details. soft rose granny squareI use the same yarn as used in my original Soft Rose squares. The knitting for olive merino, in color Soft Rose, and this is where the name of this square comes from. 

If you are not new here, you probably already know that I’m a left handed crocheter and a right handed knitter. But for years I’ve been teaching mainly right handed people so I hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful. It’s such a simple granny square with a little subtle detail. SO relaxing to crochet and SO addictive. I can’t wait to see your Soft Rose projects. Thank you so much for watching my videos, please let me know if you enjoy the ‘let’s knit and chat’ I really really enjoyed recording it. Happy advent if you celebrate it and may Hanukkah lights will overcome the darkness, Amen. xxMo