This thoughtful wooly gift arrived an hour or two before I started recording my latest episode. At first I thought it’s my usual Row One monthly subscription that arrived. When I opened the package there were two ‘kits’ in it and an envelope.

Inside the envelope there was a little note saying it’s a gift from a crochet friend and it made my heart jump. I shared many times that I use the Row One subscription mainly for my Coziest memory blanket and I received lovely reactions. I carefully opened my package and thought what a thoughtful gift the people at Row One Yarn sent.

I was SO excited and at the same time busy getting ready for the recording. While preparing all my projects I thought to include this lovely wooly gift in the “ what arrived in the mail ” section. This thoughtful wooly giftAnd so when I recorded the video I excitedly shared this wooly gift and sent a huge thank you to the Row One people and I explained that I don’t expect to get any gifts. 

After the video was uploaded to YouTube I also shared this cheerful wooly gift on social. I tagged Row One on my stories and this morning while chatting with them on IG, I understood that this wooly gift was sent by a lovely follower! Amazing Sandra was so kind to send me this amazing gift. OMG, I was so embarrassed. Mainly because I already shared all the excitement on my new episode. And I though to myself – This is SO me! Silly me!! Where my head  is? This thoughtful wooly giftSo the question is: why didn’t I get who the sender is right from the beginning? Well first I thought that the name Sandra on the letter is one of the Row One people. Secondly I was in a rush to film my new episode.

So, I think you can understand my mistake here. I probably should have had to wait and open my package quietly later in the day. Or maybe not. Because thanks god I have my blog and I can fix it all here.

So here I am, sharing all the embarrassing details about this wooly gift I received from a thoughtful follower Sandra. THANK YOU SO MUCH SANDRA! Here is the video in which I share my excitement, in case you want to watch it. 

There’s a lot shared on this episode including everything I’m busy with. I also answer your most asked question: “How do you cope?”. Hope you’ll enjoy it. And please let me know that I’m not the only one who fall into these mistakes. xxMo