In this blog post I will share a FREE pdf with ​Crochet Starfish blanket – colour layout​ as made in the original blanket I made for our youngest. This is the Blue and White colour version as seen here. Here’s a golden hour picture I took for you yesterday, of a 9 years old blanket.

After publishing the StarFish square tutorial over on my YouTube​ channel, I’ve been asked if I can share the colour layout just as it is on my original blanket. So, I created a PDF file which I believe will help you to make the same StarFish blanket in this Blue and White colour combination.Crochet Starfish blanket - colour layout

Crochet Starfish blanket – colour layout

The PDF file includes:

  • A big picture of the blanket.
  • A chart in the same squares layout as in the full blanket picture, using numbers. So you know how to arrange your squares before joining them.
  • A list with the colours used in each square. For example: square #1: Rounds 1+2 Jasper. Round 3: Loft. Round 4: ShaleGrey.

The blanket is made out of 88 StarFish squares 11 x 8. All of them are framed with 2 rounds of Solid Square using White Lace colour.

Download your Crochet Starfish blanket colour layout PDF here​ StarfishB&Wcol

​The Starfish Blue & White yarn pack​

My original crochet Starfish blanket was made out of Granny Kit cotton yarn which is a 4 ply cotton. The Starfish yarn pack, as seen in the picture below is available in my Etsy shop. Only a few are in stock at the moment but I hope to have more coming soon. There are 24 cotton balls in the pack and they will make a 100 x 110 cm” blanket including the framing. I suggest that you use any yarn you like or have in stash. Feel free to play and enjoy. The Starfish pattern is not included in the yarn pack.starfish blue & white yarn pack

StarFish squares joining video

On my next video tutorial, which will be published early next week, I will teach the Single Crochet TBL joining method. Can’t wait for you to try it when you are ready to join your squares. I am looking forward to hear from if you find my video tutorial helpful. If you like my videos please give them the thumbs up and PLEASE don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, Thank you!!! I also plan to share the framing tutorial for you on YouTube.starfish squares joinig

Here are some relevant links that you will need if you plan to start on this joyful StarFish journey:
The StarFish Square pattern
StarFish granny square video tutorial
Crochet Starfish blanket colour layout – StarfishB&Wcol
Joining crochet Solid Squares
The StarFish Blue and White yarn pack


A New StarFish baby blanket in the work!

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you want to crochet the same colour layout as in my original blanket. It inspires me to create different colour combinations and a new colour layout is actually in the making as we speak. I wish I had more time to work on it but meanwhile I’ll be sharing photos over on IG and FB so you can enjoy the excitement and progress with me. Crochet Starfish blanket - colour layoutHope you had a nice read, and that I have sent some inspiration your way. Now, thanks to your requests, the Crochet Starfish blanket colour layout PDF file is available here as a FREE pattern. Hope you’ll find it helpful. Here is another golden hour picture I took Yesterday. This 9 years old blanket is still loved un our home and still looks vibrant and beautiful if I may say so, xxMo