CrochetObjet Cotton kits are available! Finally!!! Well it’s really hard to believe but yes​ ​they are here after a long long time of waiting. And you guys are so so amazing, really unbelievably amazing. Thank You so much for your patience.

This week, at the very beginning of the week my cotton supply arrived at our door. The entrance of our home was full of boxes and my heart was full of joy. Just like that. Me, the extremely organized woman, the one that can’t bear any visual mess around her. I kissed each box. Arranged them all in colour piles and danced around them like a crazy cotton lady. I love having my GrannyKit cotton colours all piled right at the entrance of our home and didn’t care at all about the mess they made in my TIDY place! This mess is a colourful bliss!

Granny Kit cotton

So, as you can imagine this week was mainly a ‘packing your CrochetObjet Cotton kits orders’ kinda week. On Sunday when the cotton arrived we were busy​ ​taking them out of the boxes and into the inventory and from then on we were busy packing them into kits and yarn packs. We have been packing your pre-orders with hearts full of joy and sending them out to you! Thank you so much for each and every order placed! My hands packed each cotton ball with so much love and care!

CrochetObjet Cotton kits are available!

And now there are some more of CrochetObjet Cotton kits available in my Etsy shop! It is indeed a very very happy announcement that you and I have been waiting for quite a while. Can’t wait to see them in your creative hands. Here’s a list of all my cotton blanket yarn packs, with a link to each:

CrochetObjet Cotton kits are available!

A word about availability and quantity

If you are not new here, you probably already know that CrochetObjet is a little home business and therefore there are only small quantities of each CrochetObjet Cotton kits. As a small business owner I always try to make smart decisions in regards to my inventory levels. But ever since Covid – 19 became part of our lives, cotton supplies became even harder to predict and I can try and be smart with my cotton inventory, but there’s always a shortage with cotton supply.CrochetObjet Cotton kits are available!

A word about shipping prices.

I guess it’s not the first time you hear this. Shipping prices went bonkers last year and there is nothing I can do about it. It is totally out of my control. All our packages are sent with ECO POST which allows you to track your package and therefore I feel safe to use. This service is available for shipments to: US, UK, Australia, Japan and most of Europe. If your location is not included in my shipping list, please contact me via Etsy and I’ll do my best to help you.

A word about cotton prices

There was a shortage of (soft and high quality) cotton before the Covid but since the virus entered our lives, it become even more complicated. The prices of cotton like the prices of all goods in the world have increased and is reflected in the prices of my kits. I have done my best to keep my prices as low as possible. I don’t charge for extra special packaging and marketing. CrochetObjet doesn’t have any extra expenses on fancy marketing or packaging items. I do my best to keep it as simple as I can. But unfortunately I did have to update all the kits prices. Thank you so much for your understanding and for supporting my little home business.

Granny Kit cotton collection colours update

As for now there are a few cotton colours that are out of stock forever. Why? good question! that I also asked my suppliers but as for now haven’t provided any reasonable answer. Here is a list of the colours that are out of stock plus the replacement that I’ll put in my kits for each:

  • Reef – which is very close to Coral and therefore replace it when needed.
  • Sari – which will be replaced with Grass in the Bloom Blanket kit.
  • Pistachio – which will be replaced with Lime Green or Citron in the Bloom Blanket kit.
  • Orchid – Lilac is pretty much the same colour.
  • Foggy – will be replaced with Alice in the Four Seasons Chevron blanket kit.
  • as for now, I’m very low with Aqua and once it’s gone it will be for good.

Also, you will have to take this list into consideration if you are interested in the ‘choose 24‘ item.CrochetObjet Cotton kits So now, CrochetObjet Cotton kits are available! All your Pre-orders are making their way to you and I can’t wait to see your CrochetObjet knitting WIP’s and FO’s. Please share them, tag Crochetobjet on social media if you like, so I can enjoy them with you. Please make sure you place your order before the kit you want is out of stock again. It will take us about 2-3 days to pack and ship your order once confirmed. Thank you so much for each and every order placed, xxMo