Over the years that I’ve been knitting socks, I only knitted a few pairs of toe up socks. About two weeks ago Mondays girls asked if I could teach them how to knit toe up socks. While in the preparations for this week’s teaching I uploaded the Turkish cast-on knitting tutorial to my YouTube channel.

Weekend knitting

Last Friday I cast on a new pair of toe up socks. Turkish cast-on knitting tutorialI wanted to make sure I’m totally hands on with everything included in this sock knitting method. And gosh I got totally hooked and couldn’t get my hands off my knitting project for the entire weekend.


I used the Turkish cast-on method to start with and it reminded me how smart and simple this cast-on method is. I shared a picture on my Instagram stories and got so many requests to share a tutorial for it.

Turkish Cast-On knitting tutorial

On Sunday I recorded my Turkish cast-on tutorials and edited it on Monday after teaching the first toe up class of the week. My Turkish cast-on knitting tutorial went live on Wednesday morning. I’m so excited because now you can also learn with me how to cast on your toe up socks, whenever you’re ready.

Teaching toe up socks

A few days before we met, I sent a text message to my weekly knitters explaining about our upcoming toe up class. I sent them a list of ‘what you need’ so they can get ready for our next meeting. This week, on both the Mondays club and the Knit night club we started knitting toe up socks.


In both groups I started with teaching the Turkish cast-on method and the girls got totally hooked by the magic of this cast-on technique. Because they are MY GIRLS and we all are getting excited from the same silly things. The girls recorded me showing how to cast-on and send it in the WhatsApp group for reference. I shared pictures from Monday’s cast-on’s Instagram reels. You can watch here.


I was so excited to send them the link for the full video tutorial once I uploaded it to YouTube, on Wednesday morning. They were very thankful and it made me happy. Turkish cast-on knitting tutorialThey watched it again when they were ready to cast-on the second sock. In class we cast-on the first sock and then started knitting the toe increases. Turkish cast-on knitting tutorialFor homework they will finish the toe and then continue knitting in the round till they reach the point where they want to start the heel. We will learn the heel part at our next meeting. It makes my heart sing to get the pictures they send me and show their progress during the week. I love my job!


Here’s where I am now. Just about to start knitting the heel on my second sock.toe up socksSo, in case you were writing to me, asking for the Turkish cast-on knitting tutorial… OR If you just want to learn it with me… This video is now available and will be available for you, whenever you are ready. I made it so it is good for you even if you are a beginner. Thank you so much for watching and if you liked my video please don’t forget to share, like and subscribe, it’ll help me A lot, xxMo