When you finish crocheting the last round of the first leg on Angie Bunny, the pattern will tell you to make an invisible join. In the third page of the PDF file I included a step-by-step instructions. Along with the detailed pictures it will help you do it correctly. Now you can also find the Invisible Join Crochet Tutorials – which is the new video on my YouTube channel. This special technique creates a smooth edge while finishing Angie’s first leg. But not just that. It also makes it easier to crochet the next step on the pattern. In the above picture Angie is wearing the Pretty in Pink dress and the Nordic Boots which are both shared as free patterns here on my blog.
invisible join tutorial

Smooth and Clean Crochet Edge

It’s an easy and very useful crochet technique. Used not just on Amigurumi but also in many other crochet projects. We use it a lot here in our crochet meetings. It makes a smooth finish on Granny Squares and on many other projects. I also use this technique in Benji the Bear and Chunky Benji patterns. So, if you want to take your crochet skills to the next level, this trick might be great for you to learn. Because it’s all about the little details. It will make any crochet edge so smooth and clean and you will not be able to see where is the last stitch on the round, as seen when using the Slip Stitch. Here is the Invisible Join Crochet Tutorials – New Video. And yes I’m a left handed crocheter but after years of teaching mainly right handed students I know that it works. So, give it a try and tell me what you think. Let me know if you enjoy learning with me on YouTube and if yes, please give it the thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. More Angie Bunny tutorials are coming your way.

Thank you for joining me in all my CrochetObjet activities, you are THE best! Now I have to run to my sourdough that is waiting patiently to be folded on the kitchen counter, see you soon, xxMo

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The outfit Angie wears in this post: Pretty in Pink dress and the Nordic Boots