Our week started with a beautiful sunny weather so I stole a few hours and drove to the beach on Sunday morning. This was the start of a week made of happy moments. The minute they announce on the news that we are slowly going out of lockdown, ‘beach – walk’ took the first place on my ” To-Do”  list for this week. There are not enough words to describe how such walks affect me both physically and mentally. I find that walking with my feet in the salty water has a positive effect on my body! I literally feel the need to walk on the part where the water and sand meet. One of my students sent me this article that made me realize that what I do actually has a name – Grounding, and the benefits of barefoot earth walking. It brings a ridiculous amount of joy to my soul.happy moments from the past week

happy moments from the past weekPacking Valentine’s order

A few hours later, I was back from the beach, packing your BEAUTIFUL Valentine’s orders. Just a week earlier, I updated my shop, with some kits and yarn packs (that were out of stock for a while) when I realized Valentin’s is coming soon. I took the opportunity and placed a 10% Valentines sale. Thank you so much for each and every order. I am very thankful for your love. All your orders are on their way to you now (note that shipping might take longer than the usual these days). The guy who took them to the post every morning in the past week is the same guy that brought these flowers home with him on Valentin’s day. Thank you to the loveliest post man. I hope you will soon get your happy packages. Can’t wait to see your WIP’s. Please tag your projects using @crochetobjet.

Latest YouTube video

During the time that most of the kits and yarn packs were out of stock, I got many requests of ‘please update me when this pack or this kit is back in stock’. The main request was about my Four Seasons Chevron Blanket, so I thought why not adding a video tutorial related to this project? On the latest YouTube video I show how to start crocheting the first rows of the Four Seasons Chevron blanket. The kit now available in my Etsy shop and is including 26 cotton balls + a printed pattern. But you can also purchase the pattern without the yarn here.

Weekly crochet and knitting meetings

As we are slowly trying to get out of lockdown, I gradually build back our weekly crochet and knitting meetings (fingers crossed we will not be locked down again). Not only do I miss teaching but what I mainly miss is meeting my students. I miss the magic that happens in our meetings. In the past week I met a few of them, they all got the second vaccine already and it was such a thrill to be able to finally meet a few of them at the same time. We became like a one big crochetobjet family during the years. We’ve been in touch during lockdown, of course, but there’s nothing like a real face-to-face meeting. And there is nothing like the power of knitting in a group. Here are a few of the projects that brought some happy moments to my studio table during the past week.

crochet blanketsCrochet blankets moments from top left: Love Garden, Starfish squares, Stripes & Colours and Angie Bunny in the making.Happy moments from the past weekSweaters moments: Eri sweater by Isabell Kraemer and Ziggy sweater by Justyna Lorkowska

Happy socks moments: The left one is a first timer on socks knitting, the second one is Sunday socks by PetiteKnit and the right one is an advanced sock knitter who is having fun up to the sky. Benji happy moments

Benji moments: From left: Benji The Bear made out of a chunky yarn, Chunky Benji and a Cardigan for Chunky Benji in the making. So, as you can see we had some happy moments on the table in the past week. How I wish we can go back on our weeklies routine.

Happy winter moments

During the second part of the week we enjoy a full power winter weather that includes snow in Jerusalem YAY !!! And also up in the Golan Heights – the far north of Israel. Which is VERY unusual in our little patch. The news and social media are full of snow pictures and of people playing in the snow, imagine the joy. We thought to drive to Jerusalem today, just an hour driving from our home, but the snow disappeared early in the morning, before we even woke up.happy sourdough moments

Happy Sourdough moments

There’s nothing like baking on a cold winter day and I managed to bake a sourdough loaf almost everyday in the past week. Most of them were made out of healthy whole rye flour mixed with white bread flour and whole oatmeal flour but as per our younger child request, I also made some ‘just white’ sourdough loaves. And there was one loaf for a friend’s family, as well. All in All, quite a few loaves went out of the oven in the past week. We totally fell in love with sourdough bread. And oh YES I’m so in love with the scoring. Painting on my sourdough is a happy moment indeedhappy knitting moments

Happy knitting moments

Last weekend I started knitting myself a cardigan. Cardigan no 7. form My Favourite Things Knitswear. I spent hours of happy knitting. Sitting on the sofa with my homemade green smoothie, life is good! The wool I’m using is Benessere wool (45% cotton, 32% Alpaca and 23% Polyamide). I got it from a friend who lives in Amsterdam, about a year ago. She kindly helped me to find a soft wool cotton blend, originally for another project I wanted to cast on. I made a swatch and found it suitable for this cardigan. This yarn is so soft, it feels like knitting with a cloud. I am always in a hunt for a wool cotton blends, that can fit the winter here. So, if you know any… please let me know in a comment bellow. It will be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed these happy moments from the past week. Thank you so much for visiting me here, xxMo.