HAPPY 2022!!! It makes me so happy to welcome you to the first blog post of the new year with a new FREE pattern/ video tutorial. This Mini Pot Holder – Beginners knitting & crochet project is a lovely and easy one to make and makes the nicest kick for the new year.


I made this little kitchen helper a few weeks ago, on a slow weekend when we had a bone broth cooking on the stove. Usually I cook a beef bone broth during the weekend when we plan on a slow one. This is because it takes 12 -24 hours to cook and I like to check on it from time to time. Years ago I managed to put my hands on a very fancy cooper pot which is heaven to cook with. Not very easy to clean though. Anyways, it has a metal handle and I need something to hold it when I want to open up and check on the liquids situation inside my bone broth. So I made myself a little Mini Pot Handle Holder.Mini Pot Holder - Beginners knitting & crochet


This little project combines both knitting and crochet skills and made out of the very basic stitches of both techniques. It’s not just an easy and quick one to make but most of all it’s a beginners friendly project, AND I made a video that shows you how to make it from start to end.


It’s made out of GrannyKit cotton yarn which is a 4 ply Sport weight cotton. And you’ll only need small quantities. so if you have some left overs from a yarn pack you purchased in the past, most chances you have everything you need to make it. You start making this Mini Pot Holder by knitting the garter stitch, which is just knit knit knit all the rows with two strands of yarn held together. And then comes the crochet part when you frame your knitting with a Single Crochet stitch.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Two strands of 4 ply Sport weight cotton – about 12 gr’ of each. I like to use two shades of same or different colour to create a new colour.
  • One strand of 4 ply Sport weight cotton in a different colour for the framing – about 5 gr’
  • 3 mm Double Pointed needles
  • 3 mm crochet hook
  • tapestry needle
  • a pair of scissors

Mini Pot Holder – Beginners knitting & crochet Video Tutorials

On my new YouTube video tutorial, I teach start to end how to make this little helper –  and I even included the “how to weave in the yarn ends”, so it is very easy to follow.

I really hope you’ll give it a go and if you find my video helpful please give it the thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. More videos with both tutorials and studio chats will be uploaded on 2022.

More news from CrochetObjet knitting

And before I log off for the weekend I just wanted to let you know that I will have two more international zoom workshops with mYak during January. All the relevant details and info will be soon shared on their newsletter but just to let you know, we will have a Crochet for beginners workshop on the 22nd and on the 23rd we will make another Chamomile & Sage workshop. So, for those of you that contacted me to say they missed the first one, this is for you!Mini Pot Holder - Beginners knitting & crochet

About the upcoming workshops

On my Crochet for beginners workshop I’ll teach all the basic stitches of crochet. We will start by “how to” hold the yarn and hook. We will learn how to make the stitches into a center loop in a fun and easy way. At the last part of the workshop we will crochet a basic pattern I prepared for you (surprise). Something pretty that you’ll crochet using the same yarn that you get on the Chamomile & Sage kit.chamomile and sage workshop

On the next day we will have a Chamomile and sage class. Same one we offered on the Winter bloom retreat. But this time it’s only my class and not a full craft retreat. It was Paola’s idea to offer a Crochet for beginners workshop. The idea is to learn the basics and them move to the Chamomile and Sage workshop. So, go get signed up to the mYak newsletter to get all the relevant info into your mailbox in the next few days.beach walk


We made it to the beach early this morning for a much needed bare foot beach walk. Covid situation here is closing on us from each and every corner. And we both felt we need a nice sunny walk in the salty water. We had a long beach walk and got charged with some solar and earth energy and inhale this salty air. I hope you can get a little of this energy into your souls by looking at these pictures. I wish you do! It was a lovely sunny day as you can see.


There are so many new projects on my hooks and needles at the moment. I shared a few on my IG this week. I can’t wait to share it with you here but I really need a mid day nap after this long beach walk. Enjoy your weekend, xxMo