It’s March already O M G. Last weekend we had a much needed day trip with friends. We were hiking in the Jerusalem mountains and had a picnic branch, enjoying an awesome sunny day. Everything was so green and lush. Surfaces of cyclamen were revealed to us from every corner. On our way home we decided to drive to the Mary Magdalene church. A beautiful Russian Orthodox church located on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. You loved seeing it on my IG stories, so I saved it over on my highlights for you. After this dreamy day I felt more than ready for the start of a new week. In today’s post I will share some Knitting, crochet and productivity from the past week, so go grab a cup of coffee and join me.productivity of the past week

Given that Mondays and Tuesdays are spent mainly on teaching, I usually spend Sundays doing other things which include work in the kitchen, pack your Etsy orders and prepare for my weekly meetings. On my morning routine I start EVERYday with some housekeeping. OK, a word about housekeeping. I am a VERY tidy person that loves everything related to home making. Taking care of our home brings me joy. I will NEVER start my day before my place is tidy. It starts with getting our bed done and then making the rest of the house tidy and cosy. It’s been the same ever since I was a young kid. I just can’t help it. It’s impossible for me to get concentrated and productive when surrounded by a mess. Last Sunday, right after my morning tidying routine, I placed a pot of beef bones on the stove, to make a broth, which made me ridiculously happy and productive. I was completely ready to start my CrochetObjet working week.
crochet kit
Packing your orders and video filming
So, with a fully recharged battery  from our day trip on Saturday, I decided to record a new video tutorial on Sunday. I organized everything needed for the filming set up. I just received a new microphone which I was very excited to try. But first I started packing your Etsy orders and around 11 AM or so, when the light was just perfect I pressed the record button. It took a few trials. I filmed and deleted quite a few videos but eventually I had it all filmed and ready for editing. With a very happy heart I went on finishing packing Etsy orders. Within two hours all your crochet kits and cotton yarn packs were piled up, ready for shipping in the next morning. It is very important for me to get all packages sent out asap and I know you are waiting to get your packages. It was Sunday evening and I already felt very productive.
Daily walks
We go for a daily walk 5-6 days a week (E and ME). Whenever we can we drive to the beach in Tel Aviv to enjoy a barefoot beach walk, but usually it ends up with an hour of a local walk around our local park. On days when E runs I walk with my earphones listening to music or podcasts. I always look for interesting podcasts to listen to, so if you have any recommendations please leave me a comment. What podcasts do you enjoy listening to? When we walk on the beach I usually listen to the Daily Meditation podcast , on Spotify, during the last part of our walk.
Monday & Tuesday
On Mondays and Tuesdays I am usually busy teaching. Since we are slowly trying to get back to normal, we have our weeklies back but in a much smaller forum. It means that I keep it in small groups where we can sit for a knit & crochet together but still be safe. Wearing masks all the time!!! Most of us already got vaccinated and we are so happy to meet again. On Tuesdays we also have a knit night group so I am busy in my studio till late in the evening. Here is some knitting and crochet productivity from this week’s table.Knitting, crochet and productivity
socks knittingKnitting, crochet and productivity
crochet bunnycrochet chevron patternchunky benji patternThese knitting and crochet meetings are a breath of fresh air to all of us and we are so lucky to have them. I love teaching but it’s a lot more that just teaching. These meetings are magic. If you like to get any information about any crochet or knitting project from the photos above, please leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to give you the details.
Since everything slowly start to open again, I go to Yoga class every Monday evening. I only do yoga once a week now because I’m still recovering from a little surgery I had (not something serious to be worried about).
Are we on Wednesday already? I fed my sourdough starter, FIRST thing early morning, so that in 6 – 8 hours later I could use it to make the dough.
If you are not new here you already know that I started my sourdough journey a year ago and it’s a bliss. On Wednesday mornings I usually spend some time in the kitchen, hand in hand with working and house keeping because I’m a BUSY BEE. I made a delicious Legume soup with sweet potatoes and broccoli then cooked pasta sauce using my beef bone broth. So I was covered with food prep for the next two days.
Packing and Editing
I spent most of the day editing and preparing the videos I recorded on Sunday, because I wanted to upload it on Thursday morning. I still learn how to edit  so sometimes small things can take me ages to complete. BUT I love learning new skills whatsoever. In my new tutorial I show how to crochet the first three rounds on the Angie Bunny crochet pattern. It was a much requested one, after I uploaded the Invisible Join tutorial last week. I try to upload as many Angie Bunny related videos as possible so YOU CAN DO IT even if you are a crochet beginner and you never tried amigurumi before. Because you have to have at least one ANGIE BUNNY in your life. And now when Easter is just around the corner. Here is the new video tutorial. I hope you will find it helpful. Please consider subscribing to my channel if you enjoy learning with me.
Besides editing, Wednesday was also a packing day. Since you enjoyed my packing stories on IG, on Sunday, I recorded myself packing again. Thank you for keeping me company. I was packing with a grateful heart. You show your love to my Etsy shop and it makes my heart sing. For a small business like CrochetObjet, every order counts. So I add a little thank you note for each and every order! Please let me know if you want more packing time-lapse. It’s so much fun seeing myself working on the time lapse videos. You said I look bionic :))) I agree. I do look bionic with this speedy packing. So, Wednesday was mainly editing, packing, and sourdough folding. It was too cold and rainy so we couldn’t go out on our daily walk but don’t worry I had some quality time with my Dyson and had a lovely chat with my youngest and fell asleep on the sofa hugging with himpacking Etsy orders
On Thursday morning my new video tutorial was uploaded to YouTube and I was excited like a little girl. All packages were out making their way to you and my sourdough starter was fermenting on a clean and tidy kitchen counter. Looking back at my week I realized it was quite a productive one and I decided to share it on my little blog corner. So I made a green smoothie for E and for myself and set at my computer to write down this blog post. Now it’s here to remind me of ‘my productive self’ whenever I’m having some low energy days. After all not all of our days and weeks are the same. There are so many days when I struggle to get motivated. We are human after all and all we need is a whole grain home made sourdough loaf on our dinner table. And here we are, on the next weekend already… Fingers crossed that we will be able to enjoy a beach-walk on Friday, when this post is already published. I’ll update you on IG and FB stories. I wish you all a very good weekend. Hope I managed to provide you with a few nice reading moments. Or with some knitting and crochet inspiration. Maybe even motivated your productivity? Thank you for visiting me here. xxMo

Edit to add: the above loaf went out of the oven on Thursday evening, while I was still editing this blog post.