Every-time my eyes lay on this bunny shelf, in my studio, you can hear my heart sing. Ya’ll know how I’m obsessed with bunnies and the Angie Bunny pattern is a result of this obsession. Easter is just around the corner and it seems like it’s the perfect time for a crochet bunny making. In the past couple of weeks I have uploaded a few Angie Bunny – Amigurumi Crochet Tutorials, to my YouTube channel. A mini playlist that I have started up to go along with my patterns. The idea is to help you crochet your own amigurumi patterns even if you are a beginner. AngieBunny - amigurumi crochet tutorialsAs with all my patterns, the Angie Bunny crochet pattern is made so YOU CAN DO IT even if you are a beginner. I always add many close up pictures along with the written instructions. But there’s nothing like watching an How-To video.

Angie Bunny the Amigurumi Crochet Playlist
In my YouTube tutorials I go hand in hand with you to help leveling up your crochet. Just as I do here with my students. So what’s in this playlist you ask? Up till now, there are three video tutorials on the crochet amigurumi playlist and they all are related to Angie Bunny pattern. BUT they include some great techniques that you need to know in amigurumi in general and not just on the Angie Bunny pattern.
The Video Tutorials
The first video shows How-To start crochet the leg. I go along the first three rounds of the pattern so you can see how I handle this tiny little work.
The second video is How-To invisible join, which is a great crochet technique on amigirumi in general and not just for the Angie Bunny pattern.
The new video I uploaded this week is where I show you How-To connect the legs and turn them into a body. I bring you to the point where you start crocheting the body. On this video I wear my mom’s ring, the one that was on her finger in most times including here. It was her birthday on the same day I recorded the video – I miss her.
So, these three videos start up my amigurumi playlist on YouTube. This playlist is made to help you crochet not just the Angie Bunny pattern but many other amigurumi patterns, because everything I show on these videos is a principle in crochet dolls.
What Angie Bunny wears in these video tutorials
Angie Bunny - amigurumi crochet tutorialsTogether with the Angie patterns and kit on my Etsy shop, there are a few FREE PATTERNS shared here on my blog. Such as the Pretty In Pink dress and the Nordic Boots she wears while modeling in these videos. She loves wearing her bunny dress so much, and she looks so cute wearing it. If you take a look over on the right hand side bar here on my blog, you will see a list of all the free patterns I have ever shared. Some of them are Angie’s outfits.
Use ANY yarn you like or have in your stash.
Angie Bunny made of socks yarnIn my video tutorials as in the Bunny pattern I use the Granny Kit cotton in colour Sand. But during the years we used so many different yarns in many different colours to crochet the Angie Bunny pattern. In the above picture you see bunnies I crocheted using leftovers of socks yarn with a 2.5 mm hook. This is the crochet hook I use.
Angie Bunny Family
And here is the shelf in my old studio, which was as delightful as the one in my new studio. Looking back at this picture of Angie and Family still makes my heart sing, can you hear yours? On our weekly meeting, this family provide us so with many joyful hours. It made a good friend to so many girls and boys. Some of them you can see on the reviews section in my Etsy shop or on Instagram if you look for #angiebunny. I hope you find my videos helpful, as they are meant to be. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel if you like learning with me. And don’t be worry if I’m a left handed crocheter and you are a right handed. 99% of my students are right handed – it works!! xxMo
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