It feels like it was only yesterday that I received my first wooly package from these talented fiber people, and today it’s already the time to tell you about my upcoming Crochet Chamomile & Sage Workshop with mYak Fibers. I am SO excited to take part in their upcoming Winter Blooms virtual retreat. MYakyarnsIt was back in May 2020 (early days of the pandemic) that I received my first package from mYak. The moment I opened the box, held the yarns in my hands, I got totally hooked by the feel and touch of these fibers. These yarns are so so special and so do the people behind them. Read more of Paola’s journey and story behind mYak on this video made by Susan from Loop London. Their story is so fascinating.

If you are not new here, you already know that my soul belongs to textiles and to all fibers things. Natural fibers of all kinds are the ones that speak to my soul the most. During the years that I was a design director in a Jacquard mill, I was exposed to so many different yarns and fibers. My hands touched many different kinds of yarns which helped me to develop a high sensitivity to fibers. As a weaver I was dealing with the quality of yarns on a daily basis and fortunately it made me a “fiber-telectual” kinda girl. Well to be honest I could write a LONG blog post only about this topic but let’s leave it for another time so I can tell you about my upcoming Chamomile & Sage Workshop with mYak Fibers, which I’m SO excited about.

So, when I first had mYak yarns in my hands and felt their special touch and refined quality I knew I had to design something with it. It was just natural to me to see a throw made out of these special soft undercoat yarns. So what I did next was to place my second order.myak fibersWhen my second order arrived I started playing around, doing my usual finger-fibre dance. I got totally hooked by these yarns. It was a VERY happy making.

It was back in March 2021 when I contacted Paola Vanzo, Co Founder at mYak Fibers, and a fiber soul by herself. I asked if I could place a small order to stock some mYak goodies in my tiny little studio. I wanted to have them available here for my weekly students, because I knew they would appreciate them so much. We had a conversation, where I explained to her a little about CrochetObjet studio activities, and she said yes!

Don’t ask me how because I’m not sure I remember the details but this conversation led into our first collaboration. If you follow me on IG you probably saw the Wild Daisy granny square I shared on Granny Square Day 2021. It was made by a few types of mYak yarns. I’m so in love with this Square, not just because of the crochet stitches and the colours but also because the fibers make it so luxurious.kiss blanket

As the time went by and I got to know Paola a little bit more, I understood that this women has a very busy head that never rests. She came out with the idea to knit my KISS blanket using mYak Tibetan Cloud. She asked if I can create a sequence for her so she can knit following my colour layout. The lovely Carlotta from their Italian studio, sent me all the Tibetan Cloud colours and I started working on a wooly stipe-y KISS sequence. OMG it was a great pleasure which I plan to share with you here soon.chamomile crochet pattern

One day Paola asked me, can we talk? Yes I said, of course. What time is it in Israel she asked? I think I have an idea. Let’s set up a video meeting when it’s 9 o’clock NYC. Next day in our conversation she asked: Mo what are these flowers on the table behind you? can I see them? It’s my Chamomile Bouquet pattern I answered. Do you think we could make those out of mYak Tibetan cloud wool? I can see something like a little brooch made out of it. Let’s give it a try, I answered.Crochet Chamomile & Sage Workshop with mYak Fibers

And this is how my Crochet Chamomile & Sage Workshop with mYak Fibers was born.

The result of my crochet Chamomile flowers made out of the Tibetan Cloud came out so unique and beautiful. I was so in love with what came off of my hook and just couldn’t stop creating more and more of them. The yarns made my crochet stitches sing. I chose the colours to work with and started write down my new pattern and to create a kit in my mind.Crochet Chamomile & Sage Workshop with mYak Fibers

The Chamomile & Sage workshop is now ready and is going to be a part of the mYak Fibers next virtual retreat. My pattern is not just ready, it’s polished. Thanks to lovely Susan from @knit_frog_repeat who went through each and every word in the pattern. She also tested it for us so we got you covered. Thank you so much for your help Susan.

In my workshop I will teach you step-by-step, via zoom, how to crochet my Chamomile & Sage and I can’t wait to have you there with us. A good friend of us who always helps me with technical stuff, is already working on lighting and the special zoom set up so you can see both my hands working and my face. I will do my hair and put on some makeup for the event.  OH my, I am soooooo excited to meet you, see your faces on my screen!Crochet Chamomile & Sage Workshop with mYak Fibers

The Winter Blooms retreat is a virtual event for yarn and craft lovers. It will take place during Dec 11-12. It evolves Knitting, Crochet and Embroidery workshops which will be taught by three designers / makers / teachers, from different places in the world. Florence Spurling with knitting, Dario Tubiana with an Embroidery on wool and myself with a crochet workshop. I can’t tell you how excited I am to work among these two talented makers. Make sure you follow them on IG to see the magic they create.Crochet Chamomile & Sage Workshop with mYak Fibers

Registration for the Winter Bloom retreat will be open tomorrow, first to the mYak newsletter subscribers. So, make sure to sign up here to get all the information and relevant details into your inbox tomorrow. Number of participants is limited. In the tomorrow’s newsletter mYak will share more beautiful images and more information about the teachers as well as workshops and patterns. And oh yes, the retreat includes a kit full of yarns and goodies that you will work with, during the workshops. Paola made a special postcard from one of my photos, something that you might want to keep, I think you can guess which of the photos she picked. All about it in the mYak newsletter tomorrow. See you there, xxMo