I usually have few different projects on my hook. Few on going projects that are keeping me happily busy. I like it when each project has it’s own bag or box or any kind of nest. Naturally I’m always in a hunt for the perfect bag size to keep one of my on going crochet projects. I even designed one and have it for sale on my Etsy shop, look here and here. I love it when I have few different projects in few different bags, each with a different size. One for each mood /state of mind. oOHh my busy mind… This White lace bag is one of my on going projects at the moment.
IMG-20160612-WA0032 We had a holiday here, about 2 weeks ago and I wore this white cotton shirt, designed by my sister. We went to have a holiday dinner by my parents. As always, I wanted to take one of my small projects with me and I felt like it could be perfect to have a White little cotton bag to go with this White cotton shirt and to carry just a small cotton ball and a hook. Unfortunately I didn’t have one and I thought – this is my next project. I started working on it the next morning. Screen-Shot-2015-11-19-at-08.50.13

I saw this gorgeous cotton bag here a while ago and immediately fell in love with it. I loved the idea of a cotton White simple construction as a plain crochet background with some different colourful flowers & leaves to come on top. Looks so fresh. I didn’t like the size and the Bamboo handle though. I thought it could be nice to have it smaller and to keep the crochet construction on the straps as well. My idea was to have the straps long enough to carry on the shoulder.IMG-20160612-WA0009Planning the right size and shape for my needs, was the first thing I did. The idea was to keep it small, for small projects, but not too small, to have long straps to carry on the shoulder, to keep the lacy spaces in between the solid areas and to have 2 solid stripes for colourful flowers to come on top. At this point I wasn’t sure how will the flowers and leaves look like, but I thought I’ll work it out later. I’ve crocheted 2-3 bases till I had the right size I was looking for.IMG-20160612-WA0050When I was happy with the size I could just lay back and enjoy my happy ‘crochetime’. And it was a real ‘sofa pose’ crochet pleasure. A true joy!!! This is such a perfect weekend crochet project to have on your hook.IMG_20160614_145332It went quite fast (too fast to be honest). For the straps I made few different trials till I decided to go with this size, not too wide but wide enough to carry and to hold some weight.IMG_20160615_075108I made the straps quite long and wide. I’m very happy with it. I like these long straps and the lacy areas and the whole proportions of this white lace bag. A fast fun cotton project!!! Lucky me, having this hooky addiction is a bliss. 
IMG-20160615-WA0016Blocking was the next step. I sprayed a little water on it, shaped it beautifully to create sharp edges, sent a quick WhatsApp photo to my music group, got their nice words and lay it flat to dry. I left it over night on the kids bathroom top surface. The next morning it was dry and blocked and looked super delicious and I wasn’t sure anymore about adding the flowers…. I just like it as is. What do you think? I think I need your advice here.IMG_20160608_104800While on one of my morning walks at the park, few days later, I was thinking about it again, if to add some flowers on my new White lacy bag or just leave it plain and pure as is. Or maybe just to use a subtle colour palette for the flowers and leaves addition…IMG-20160513-WA0040When I came back from the park I thought, maybe this palette can work here, but I’m really not sure yet mmmm…..what do you think? 86548654aI have these flowers on my desk for quite a while. I was thinking of sharing these patterns here with you and they ‘sit’ here and wait for their moment to come. 8648I tried to put them on and see how it looks like with colourful flowers. Is it too much? It looks too ‘heavy’ on this light lacy construction though. I’ll have to work out some light tiny flowers I think.
8653Or maybe just to leave it plain with only one Rose & leaves. I have these made for “my rose cushion” pattern. Not sure about it yet and I’ll be more than happy to hear your thoughts here. Well I’m quite happy to have this ‘open project’ on my desk now, as I can see few hours of flowers making – crocheting more and more options till I’m happy. After all, it’s all about enjoying this crochet addiction. In any case, my plan is to share this pattern with you here, I’ll start with the bag and the flowers will come after.
My days are full up and I have so much to share here. June workshops were so colourful and I plan to share those inspiring moments with you. Hope to come here again soon. Enjoy your crochetime, xoxMo.