I’m so happy that today I can finally share with you, the new ‘fellow’ came in our home. My new PIANO !!! yes, my new PianOooo8670I used to play piano when I was about 9 years old (long time ago). I took weekly piano lessons for about 4-5 years. Practicing for hours. I even played in quite a few concerts. I remember my parents sitting there at the concert room, so proud and so happy. But then one day I decided I want to stop – one of those stupid childish decisions I guess. At the beginning I was playing here and there, from time to time but as time went by, I was playing less and less and then played nothing at all, for years, till I forgot it all, couldn’t remember almost anything I used to play in the past. I still keep some of my old music books though, the ones on the above picture. 8676bI had  been planning to bring the piano back into my life for a very long time. As a matter of fact we have a piano printed on every plan made by the architect that helped us reconstruct our home. The sketch on the above picture was printed on July 2007. I think that the fact that my old piano was too old and not good enough to move to our new home, was the first excuse that ‘helped’ me postponing my decision to start learning all over again. So, I’m really a shamed to admit, but it took me almost 9 years till I finally did it.

It was all started as a casual conversation with friends, ended up with a phone number of a piano teacher, living very close to our home. I called her to set up a meeting and few days later I had my first lesson with her.

It was clear that this is the first step of bringing the piano back into my creative life!!! so here is my BIG HUGE WARM thank you to my beloved freind, who made the final push, at the right time and helped me make it happen.
8678Well, you ‘gotta’ have a piano if you want to learn to play the piano…. After a little research and with a lot of desire we (E and myself) finally bought one and here is my Japanese Yamaha U1. 30 years old, handsome guy, with that perfect sound – makes my heart fly.
This new piano means so much to me and I’m so happy to share it with you!! It’s really hard to believe this is happening to me. I take weekly lessons now, with a great teacher. She keeps on telling me how fast it will all come back, which made me make a huge progress in such a short time, I’m so thankful and HAPPY.
Music is the first thing that makes me calm down and relax, and with such a hectic life style we have, I really feel this is a huge source to bring balance into life.
So now I have a new creative activity in life. At first I thought oooh my ‘crochetime’ is having a little competition… but HEY Don’t worry, I just discovered that theres a place for a lot more creativity in our life which is really hard to believe. There’s never too much creativity for creative minds and crochet is an endless source of happiness for me.IMG_20160710_114149
fillmyheartHEBThere is still a lot going on with my crochet. July workshops starts tomorrow and I have just finished writing down this pattern for my workshop girls. I plan to put this umigurumi heart pattern on my Etsy shop soon.IMG_20160713_0746568679One other thing on my list is to make this smitten blanket, I use this pattern from byHaafner and I plan to design a nice edge to share here with you. I already have a nice bunch of squares, still not enough for a small blanket. I love to crochet these popcorn smitten squares, the pattern is easy to follow and gives many hours of crochet meditating. I use Granny Kit cotton colour Sand for this project.8680
The next time we meet here, I’ll share this White Lace pattern with you. I really think you’ll enjoy crocheting it.
Would you like to give it a try? You’ll be able to change sizes as you wish. We will have the bag pattern first and after that I’ll decide if I’m going to decorate it with flowers and leaves. See you soon, xoxMo