September is here, kids are back to school, my home alone mornings and breezy balcony evenings, are back – I’ve been long waiting for that. These home alone mornings are not for long though, as the holidays are right around the corner, and soon we are all off to London for our annual family vacation, YaaaAAyyyYY… I can hardly explain how excited I am. I love London and I haven’t visited there for years. If you read my about page you’ll find I used to travel to London almost every month for 3 years, before I became a mom. really really excited to go there again. This time it’ll be different though, since we go as a family and our travel plan includes many family and kids activities but still…. I am looking forward. The entire family is very excited about this coming soon trip. So, Please note, while I’m away, my Etsy shop will be closed :: September 17th – October 1st :: If you need any cotton yarns or fabric buttons, for one of your projects, or if you plan to try any of my patterns please make sure you place your order before September 17th. toteb107bTill then, these home alone mornings are completely packed with my to do list. These quiet hours are a treasure, especially if you’re a mom of 3 (and 2 of them are turbo Minions full of happiness and curiosity and one is a lady teenager). The thing is that I’m always ready with something I want to crochet, waiting for just a small opportunity to arrive………… and ooOUups, I’m on it. This diamond tote pattern was waiting on my pile for quite a long and this week I finally found the right time for it. Pattern is from here. (I made few small changes plus crocheted sc’s around the strap). Yarn is GrannyKit cotton, 3 balls of Ecru colour. Hook size – 2.5mm, as I wanted it to be tight and danced.104bThe GrannyKit Ecru colour is perfect for it’s clean and classic diamond pattern, BUT as I’ll show in next few pictures it works quite nicely with LOFT grey and JET black. The pattern is a geometrical chart and very easy to follow, if you know how to read crochet charts. the only stitch you have to know is dc’s US terms or tr’s in UK terms. the diamond pattern is made by skipping stitches as shown on chart.123b1I took this close up picture to show you the natural feel of this gorgeous ECRU cotton colour. It looks like linen actually, but feels as cotton, love the cotton yarn, soft handle.
123bThe tote is not too big, it has a very elegant shape, more like an accessory.
leaf4The Jet & Loft version is in work now, couldn’t skip trying these colours for this diamond pattern. And yes I had to show you what beauty I found on the deck, in our balcony garden. It’s on our kitchen surface for a week now since I thought these dry leaves have such a gorgeous shape and colour.157bThe diamond tote is not a time consuming project, Give it a try. You’ll love it.
Just one more thing, I hope you enjoy my rose cushion tutorial, I can see your work via #myrosecushion in IG. Thanks for those of you who sent pictures via email. I am so very happy to see your beautiful rose cushions. See you soon, xoxMo