The reason I wanted to learn socks knitting was because I had this dream that one day I will be able to knit cable socks. Cable socks is one special love of mine – it holds so many things I admire. I don’t know why but for me a knitted cable pattern always looked like a magic that keeps some tradition inside it. Looks like it came from old romantic admired places. Every time I see this pattern on hand knitted socks It makes my heart melt. The thing was that I really thought cable knitting is hard and complicated to learn and that it needs a lot of practice. After knitting 4 pairs of basic socks I felt I can now give cable a go, or at least just make the first trial. My first cable socks were up on these short circular needles while I was busy knitting pair #4 and crocheting these socks Angie bunniesI decided to try using Granny Kit cotton on my first ever cable socks and it was clear to me that it will be made out of colour Alice. I wanted to have a cotton home/bad cable socks with no stripes or any other pattern. The easy cable sock pattern by Christine Perry was waiting there for me to jump in. Following Christine’s pattern I started up knitting the rib and than the leg part. This cable is not complicated as it looks like and I enjoyed knitting it so much. With Christine’s video tutorials it was really easy to learn how to do the cable and it made me SO happy. I sent my sister the above picture of me wearing it like it is going to be a sweater – she loved it just like I did. We both thought it might make a beautiful sweater. The cotton felt so nice on the needles and on the skin – I felt home again. 

Granny kit cotton was a delight to work with, it’s soft and very easy to knit. I just used the same sort circular needles and same set of DPN’s I use for wooly socks, and it went through so smoothly. The cable pattern came out so pretty with the cotton yarn and the density and texture of the knitting is delicious. Love LOVE love it. 

Sock knitting is not a short project (if you are a busy person) but it is such a pleasing work. So, it took some time but I was finally ready to close up my cotton cable socks with this magical kitchener stitch.

And not a long after I was all ready to wear my first ever hand knitted **  Cable Socks  **. The cotton felt so nice and soft on the skin and there was someone very happy wearing these and taking these pictures. I was so proud for being able to knit Cable Socks, not to mention, cotton ones. The plain colour looks so nice with the cable pattern and it is exactly what I was dreaming to have. I made the toe part with plain knitting as that’s the way I preferred my cotton Cable Socks. However, Christine is teaching, on her pattern, how to create the cable up to the end of the toe. I also skipped the ‘crossed stitch heel’ because I thought it might be nicer to keep a simple heel flap for the cotton. I will share another cable socks I made using this pretty crossed stitch on the heel, later on one of my up coming socks posts. These Granny Kit cotton Cable Socks are in a massive use here. I can tell by now that these cotton socks are the ones I wear the most and that’s why I wash them more often than the wooly ones. I took the above two pictures to show you how my cotton socks look after I wash them using washing machine in a 30 degrees delicate cycle. When they came out of the washing machine I laid them flat to dry. These on the above pictures just got dry and I can wear them again now.  So, if you feel like making your own cotton cable socks here is some yarn-y information you will need. The easy cable cotton socks needed about two and a half Granny Kit cotton balls. I took the above picture so you can see the cotton cable pair weights 118 gr’. Each ball of Granny Kit cotton is 50 gr’ so you will need about two and a half balls for the easy cable socks pattern as is. But if you take one or two repeats out of the leg part and knit 7/8 cable blocks instead of 9 blocks (depend on your knitting density) – than two balls will be enough for you. You can choose here any colour you like. If you want to have the same colour as on my cable socks , please choose colour Alice. All you have to do is just leave me a note while checkout says ‘colour Alice’. I used my 2.5 mm short circular for these cotton cable socks and I love the knitting quality it made. For the pick up sts and for the toe I used these DPN’sThis hand knitted socks pile is now having it’s first cable socks made out of cotton and it is all mine mine mine – made by me, by my own crafty fingers and heart. Thank you so much Christine for your brilliant Cable Socks pattern which made one more crafty dream come true for me. If you follow me on Instagram I guess you saw this on my story on one of those cozy mornings. Here is another perfect match – cotton cable socks and 4 Seasons Chevron cotton blanket – I’m in love. This cotton pair is the one I use the most. I love to go to bed wearing my hand knitted cotton socks, especially now when the nights are getting colder. But most of all I like to wake up in the morning and see these dreamy cable socks on my feet and then looking at them while drinking my morning coffee.

Thank you for joining my sock journey. I will share more hand knitted socks I made, keeping it one pair at a time. My sock posts are all under the Socks category on the right side bar: [Pair #1]  [Pair #2]  [Pair #3]  [Pair #4] Make yourself a cup of coffee lay back and check them out, xxxMo

P.S If by any chance you feel inspired and you like to try making your own hand knitted socks, here are some useful links for everything you’ll need:

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Super Sock book by Christine Perry

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DPN’s 2.5 mm these or these
Short circular needls: these or these

Row counter

Stitch Markers

Tapestry needle