A little after I started working on the first pair of cable socks, I felt very comfortable with the cable knitting and loved the way it came out using my cotton yarn. I wanted to make a wooly pair of cable socks on my next sock project.  The 6th pair was up on the needle while the cotton cable pair were on the go. I thought it will be interesting to see an Un-dyed wool, the original colour of the wool, knitted on a Cable Socks. I made two balls of 50 gr’ out of this yarn, using my knitting umbrella and wool winder. Once I had these balls winded and a printed copy of the Easy Cable Socks pattern by Winwick Mum, I was ready to go.This time I used Addi Easy Knit short circular needles. I saw on the Sockalong Facebook group a few recommendations on these needles and I ordered myself a pair. While learning how knit socks it became clear to me that it will be quite hard to keep only one pair on the go. It is really enjoyable to have more than one pair at the same time. Just like with crochet, it is all a matter of mood. I always keep a few open projects so I can jump in and work on one of them that fits my mood. Do you have the same thing with your crafty projects? or do you keep only one open project at a time? This is a very interesting point to discuss. I can truly understand both ways but I’m totally a person of a few open projects going on the same time. This is me, sitting at the airplane, knitting my wool cable socks on our way to Stockholm last summer. I was holding Angie for Minion #3 while he was busy painting. This cotton Angie next to my wooly project made me stop knitting and take this sweet picture. Knitting the Easy Cable Socks requires notes making (at least for me). So, other than the row counter I also keep notes and make lists. It does not mean that I don’t make mistakes on the way. This cable block is made out of six rows – who can count six rows without mistakes? You’ll find a very friendly explanation on the pattern that Christine wrote and with her video tutorials it is very easy to follow. Two Cable Socks made by me now. Look at them, aren’t these FANTASTICO? I love the way my wooly cable socks look and I’m very proud I made both cotton and wool ones.When my wooly cable socks were ready to wear I was at the beginning of the Stripes & Colours blanket designing. I always love to stop for a minute and take a picture of ‘at my desk’. I do find a lot of inspiration in these ‘at my desk’ compositions. It’s been like that ever since I was a student. It’s not always my real desk, the one that I sit next to at my studio. It can be wherever I sit to work for that time period.The sock pile grows and one more cable pair is in it now. I’m almost there with my socks posts ‘one at a time’. There are still two more pairs ready there that I would like to share here. Thank you so much for joining my socks knitting journey.Oh yes and these wooly ones are a perfect match with my Smitten blanket. I haven’t yet shared this mono-chromatic blanket I made ( made of colour Sand). It’s on my ‘to do’ list for quite a while to share it with you. I have designed this Smitten Edging a long ago and we made it here on a few of my workshops, following the byHaafner Smitten Square diagram. I plan to share the Smitten Edging pattern here on my blog so you can make a Smitten blanket of your own or just crochet my Smitten Edging on any other project. Pair #6 is just THE perfect match for this elegant blanket and they both hold this traditional romantic feel I talked about at the beginning of this post.

The socks posts are all under the Socks category on the right side bar: [Pair #1]  [Pair #2]  [Pair #3]  [Pair #4] [Pair#5] Make yourself a cup of coffee lay back and check them out, xxxMo

P.S If by any chance you feel inspired and you like to try making your own hand knitted socks, here are some useful links for everything you’ll need:

Winwick Mum sockalong

Super Sock book by Christine Perry

Sock Yarn

DPN’s 2.5 mm these or these
Short circular needls: these or these

Row counter

Stitch Markers

Tapestry needle