Hello and welcome to my socks knitting journey update. Hope you all had a nice weekend. It looks like I have some colourful, lifting up things here for you today. I’m so happy to sit here at my desk and get back to my plan for sharing each pair of hand knitted socks at a time. Today pair #3 will tell its story along with quite a bit of colourful pictures. But not just socks stories, I will also share some Angie Bunny stories today, which, as you can see in the above picture, are pretty much related to socks.ย ๐Ÿงฆย +ย ๐Ÿฐย = Joy.ย I was ready with ‘cast on’ for my 3rd pair right after I finished knitting the second one. This time I wanted to try another colour way of the same wool I used for the second pair –ย Stylecraft Head Over Heels – colour Fiji.ย It was very important for me to create a matching pair, so I was looking for the repeat. Just like with my second pair it wasn’t an easy job at all. But after a while I got it and I divided the wool into 2 balls of about 50 gr’ each. I was very happy at this point and I took the above picture. This feeling of a fresh new start, ready with ‘cast on’ on my DPN needles and these happy colourful balls are right there waiting to start. Together with my copy of Christine’s book I knitted 16 rounds of rib and started working on the leg. I find it easier and it gives me more pleasure to work on both socks together. It is really enjoyable for me to work on them both and it supplies so many eye candy moments along the way.ย  This socks knitting is a portable project which I find very nice to carry on with me wherever I go. I have few times a week where I wait for my kids in their afternoon activities. I love to pack and go out and about with everything related to this project, including the Super Socks book. Christine’s pattern is such a pleasure to follow. Each and every step is clearly explained and she also madeย these brilliant Videos to complete the pattern. It wasn’t a very long process this time. I somehow managed to finish this pair in a short time and here I am wearing them and taking happy pictures just before the kitchener stitch. Feels nice to step with these DPN’s still on the last raw. These are theย red Zing DPNโ€™sย in case you want to try. I really enjoy working with them not to mention their vibrant red colour. We are the happiest people on earth loving all these crocheting and knitting accessorise. So so so sooooo proud of my kitchener stitch. This stitch is brilliant. This is the stitch you do to closed the sock, the last step on socks knitting. It makes the whole thing looks like there’s no ending row or ending marks or ending at all. It gives the whole work aย seamless finish.ย Well it was just laying there and I couldn’t resist stepping on my 4 Seasons Chevron blanket with my new pair of socks to take this ‘makes me happy’ picture. Not just that I made this matching pair of hand knitted socks but it also matches my chevron blanket like it was planned. No it wasn’t planned but look at them together. I love to see how these colours and stripes coordinate together.And I have three hand knitted socks made by ME. Really hard to believe but look – these are mine. I made them. From the first stitch to the very last – made by me.

While I was working on my #3 pair I had this bunny idea in mind. All of these sock yarns oddments, hmmmmm, these stripy wooly yarns, mmmmmm, aren’t they perfect for……?? mmmmmmAngie Bunny making? Yes they are. PERFECT. I took my 1.75 mm crochet hook (which I really got connected to btw) and this 3rd pair socks yarn, went out to the car to get my boys to their English lesson and while waiting in the car I started crochetingย Angie Bunnies with a stripy wooly sock yarn. And when I saw what I thought I’ll see, I continued crocheting Angies from my other yarn oddmentsย ๐Ÿงฆย ย +ย ๐Ÿฐย = JoyFor the ears I used this baby bunny ears pattern. I find these much sweeter while using socks yarn for Angie.Tha’s how long this socks Angie is.ย Hello you little thing, I am in LOVE can you hear my heart sing? I am just in LOVE. What do you think? Could you imagine me crocheting my Angie bunny with these sock yarns? This is so much fun.So, for each of my first 3 pairs I have a matching Angie Bunny and still more sock yarn oddments ๐Ÿ™‚ Angie takes just a little yarn to make so you can make a lot more than one Angie from any socks yarns oddments you have. If you feel like making your own socks yarn Angie, you can find the pattern here. Isn’t that just a perfect present to make?ย ๐Ÿงฆย ย +ย ๐Ÿฐย = JoyWhat a perfect match to my 4 Seasons Chevron blanket I really am very pleased. Well, this was my 3rd pair story , thank you for joining me. Its was a pleasure to make and I felt a lot more confident with socks knitting from this point. If you want to read more about my socks knitting journey you can go to the right side bar, on blog categories. Click on the socksย and it will bring up everything related to socks knitting on my blog. I share one pair at a time. You can read about each pair here: [Pair #1]ย  [Pair #2] I plan to share my #4 pair here soon, xxxMo.

P.S If by any chance you feel inspired and you like to try making your own hand knitted socks, here are some useful links for everything you’ll need:

Winwick Mum sockalong

Super Sock book by Christine Perry

Sock Yarn

DPN’s 2.5 mmย these or these
Short circular needls: these or these

Row counter

Stitch Markers

Tapestry needle