During the last weekend I was all into this colourful bouquet making. I spent every minute I could surrounded by my cotton colours, making this bouquet. Our weekend was slow and cozy. We had  a sunny picnic on Saturday morning with the class families of Minion #2 but other than that we spent most of our weekend indoors, taking it nice and easy.I started crochet this plain skinny Navy blue clutch back in March 16 and I knew I’ll be adding some sort of flowery bouquet on top of it one day. I didn’t have a clue when will it happen. 🍄 I just had this rich colourful centred bouquet, inside my imaginary head.On the last weekend, after my Stripes & Colours kit and pattern were released, I was in such a calm mood. It was just a perfect time for this flowery bouquet making to bloom. I didn’t know at this point that it is going to be the only calm time for me on the following week. It was just like the calm before the storm. Your Stripes & Colours kit orders came in like a flood and we were packing and packing the whole week. You made me ssSOOO happy and all these nice words you left on your orders. I read each and every word with such a happy heart, it means so much to me – THANK YOU!!! you are A M A Z I N G ! and THANK YOU handsome Mr. post man, for taking this heavy pile of packages every morning to the post office so they can travel to the creative hands waiting for them all over the world. We all appreciate it so very much.All your packages are on their way and while you are waiting for them patiently, let me keep you busy with something rather pretty.
So back to this colourful bouquet – these hours of crocheting colourful cotton flowers and greenery related details for my centre bouquet, made me feel I’m the happiest human on earth. I really don’t need much more than this to be happy. Crocheting for hours – hook meditating with such a joy and calmness inside my soul.I crocheted flowers, leaves, twisting steams, curly bundles, berries and a few bulbs of flowers and it all came into one colourful embroidered-like bouquet. I was so in love with it.It came out as rich and colourful as it was in my imagination, but it looked like it needed one more tiny little addition. I thought it might look rather lovely to add a baby Hedgehog into this naturalistic story. It  was already there (in my imagination) so I just had to bring out. Make it real. I never made any Hedgehog before…. so I started to browse. If you look for Hedgehog patterns on Pinterest or in any other web site, you would find tons of adorable cute little/ medium/ big ones. But it was too much to ask from me to put time on browsing because if you just start browsing it can be a never ending story. My enthusiasm was much too high for spending time on browsing. I just started crochet the first and after two or three additional trials I had a tiny little cute Baby Hedgehog laying under the leaves just next to a bunch of Pink-ish berries. This cute little hedgehog made me get up of the sofa and make this hedgehog dance. Fortunately my 3 kids AND hubby were all into this hedgehog dance with me. They all wanted to hold it and look at it closely and the cute little baby Hedgehog made this dance with each of them before he was placed back on the leaves. Five crazy people all under the same roof…. Last Monday, right after our awesome Monday’s meeting. I sneaked into my studio and started writing down my Baby Hedgehog pattern. In case you feel like making your own tiny baby Hedgehog go here and follow my step-by-step tutorial. I will also publish a bigger Hedgehog pattern very soon as I made a few of them and just fell in love with the idea of creating a family. So now you can start with the baby. and I also added a leaf pattern in, because Hedgehog needs leaves.
**Baby Hedgehog Laying In The Leaves Patterns **
I made my little Hedgehog using a 1.75 mm hook because I needed it really really tiny to fit my bouquet. You can use a 2/ 2.25/ 2.5 mm hook these sizes will do the work. You can find it on the right side bar under the Free Patterns section.I haven’t finished yet working my Nave Clutch and this joyful bouquet but I do plan to share this journey here with you as I go. The plan is to share the Navy Skinny Clutch pattern here on my little blog corner as well as all other bouquet details. You can start making the baby Hedgehog now, to keep you busy while waiting for your Stripes&Colours kit to arrive. Thank you my lovelies, for coming here and reading me. xoxMo