A few years ago when I just started to learn how to knit socks, my true deep desire was to learn how to knit cable socks. I was sure it’s too difficult and complicated. Today I’m here to share my Cosy Weekend Sock pattern. The first cable sock pattern by CrochetObjet knitting. An Easy breezy cable pattern and it’s for 20% off for the weekend.

Well I was just about to write: The first ever socks pattern by CrochetObjet knitting but no no NO. This is ONLY the first every pattern that is available out of my local knitting club and also the first ever English written sock pattern.

Years ago when I just started to learn how to knit socks I followed the Super Sock book by Christine Perry form Winwick mum. I became obsessed with sock knitting right after my first sock came off the needles. Read about my sock knitting journey on the Socks category at the right hand side bar of this blog.

My first ever cable socks were knitted back in 2017. They were knitted out of my Granny Kit cotton in colour Alice, to be my bedtime socks.Cosy Weekend Socks patternIt was only shortly after when my local students asked if I could teach them how to knit socks. I was laughing so loud and said, no way. How could I teach something I had just learned how to do? Their answer was pretty much this: It’s fresh in your head, you are totally obsessed, we have been learning with you for years so please teach us what you know.

To make a long story short I sent them to purchase Christine’s book. We ordered needles and sock wool and cracked a series of socks knitting workshops. I have been teaching socks knitting ever since and I just LOVE it. The above picture was taken a few days ago during Tuesday’s morning class / club.

If you are not new to my blog, you already know how I love writing down new patterns. Ever since I started to teach sock knitting I developed my own basic sock version / pattern which I wrote down in Hebrew only for my groups of knitters. And today there are already 3 CrochetObjet knitting patterns available only in Hebrew for local students. So that’s why I said the Cosy Weekend Sock pattern is not my first ever sock pattern but the first English written one that is now available for you all.

During the last few weeks I’ve been busy designing and writing down this EASY sock pattern.Cosy Weekend Socks pattern A few of my local students already have them on their needles and they report it’s a simple and VERY happy making. Here is everything you need to know about this SIMPLE cable sock pattern before you dive into the making.

COSY WEEKEND SOCKSCosy Weekend Socks pattern

I wanted a pair of cosy cable socks, perfect for a slow weekend but also perfect to wear with my loved Birkenstocks. Knitted with a bit of positive ease for some extra comfort. The Cosy Weekend sock is a cuff down pattern that you can knit using any method of your preference. With a 3×1 wide rib and a pair of chunky cables run along the front of the sock. Knitted up in a DK merino Yak blend makes it cosy and so soft against the skin.


Cosy Weekend Socks patternThis is THE most simple cable pattern you’ll ever knit. If you know how to Knit a pair of cuff down sock, you will be able to knit a pair of Cosy Weekend Socks. Check out my YouTube channel for some knitting support.Cosy Weekend Socks patternIt’s a classic basic Heel Flap and Heel Turn pattern which is simple and easy to knit. And when you get to the point where you are ready to graft your stitches, watch my Kitchener Stitch video tutorial.Cosy Weekend Socks pattern



The Cosy Weekend Sock is a One size pattern. Made to be a little loose on the lag. The finished upper leg Circumference is approx. 8″/ 20.5 cm


You will need about 2 skeins of 100 grams / 231 yrd (212 m) of Superwash DK yarn. In my sample I used Yak DK by The Wool Barn 60% Superwash Merino, 20% Silk, 20% Yak. Each of my socks is about 75 gr’. This Fall colour was exclusively dyed for CrochetObjet.


Cosy Weekend Socks patternYou will be able to follow my Cosy Weekend Sock pattern using any method you like. I used the Magic Loop method with a US 4 (3.5 mm) 100 cm long cable needles. But you can use a 9″short circular OR DPN’s in same size, if that’s your preferred method.


Approx 6.5 sts per inch in stockinette.


  • Beginning of round marker
  • 2 additional stitch markers
  • Cable needle
  • Tapestry needle

What originally led me to learn to knit socks was the desire to know how to knit cable socks. I was absolutely sure that knitting cables was one of the most complicated things. And I was 100% sure it would take years till I will become a sock knitter. It was a complete shock to me, when I knitted my first cable sock, that it’s not that complicated AT ALL. Actually it’s quite simple snd easy, once you get the idea of moving stitches onto a cable needle and knitting them as instructed in the pattern.Cosy Weekend Socks pattern

Love wearing my new Cosy Weekend Sock. They are So comfy and to be honest I just love the style of these chubby cosy socks with the chunky front cables and have wanted a pair like this for years.Cosy Weekend Socks patternI really hope you like my new Cosy Weekend Sock Pattern, it’s a super easy knit that will fly off of your needles. Can’t tell you how excited I am to have a socks pattern available in my Etsy shop. A cable sock pattern. It’s a living dream so let’s celebrate it together. My new cable sock pattern will be available for 20% off till February 28th 12pm Jerusalem time. Shop pattern here. Happy knitting xxMo