Yesterday I uploaded the StarFish blanket framing tutorial onto my YouTube channel. This video tutorial is the 3rd and last that goes along with my StarFish square pattern. So, if you purchased the pattern and plan on making a full blanket I got you all covered.

It makes me so happy to come here and tell you about this new video because I can’t tell you how I wanted to share it over as a free pattern on my YouTube channel. This is the third and final video on this series.

Starfish blanket framing tutorialSo now, together with the StarFish square pattern, there are three FREE videos to help you along with the StarFish blanket making. And I hope you will find them all helpful. For all my StarFish videos I used the same sample made out of my Granny Kit cotton yarn which is a 4ply Sport weight yarn. 

starfish blanket framing It took me two days and a few sessions to record this video and OMG hours by hours to edit it. But it was the perfect job for me with my current self-moody and low energy levels. The last week was quite moody over here in our little corner. It’s been moody all over obviously. The current situation in Ukraine has been in my mind and heart and keeps me restless days and nights. 

Eyal, my husband works in a company that has a lot of employees in Ukraine. They sent people to the Poland border to make sure the refugees would be taken care of when they arrived at the border. They also moved families to Turkey before it all started but most of the families didn’t want to go. No one believed the situation would get so bad. We get constant updates from people there which obviously makes us so nervous and restless. 

Not sure if it is all connected but, for the past week I have been suffering from stomach aches and severe headaches​ and just couldn’t work through my to do list as planned. I had somehow managed teaching three groups but at the rest of the week I was spending my time between my bed and my desk, editing my Starfish blanket framing tutorial. It kept me busy and with the company of a hot cup of Chamomile tea it  provided a little relief for my restless brain. 

Starfish blanket framing tutorialIn my new video I take you step by step, from the first stitch up to the very last one on the framing/ border making. ​I included the ‘how to weave in yarn ends’ since I know you always asked to see it. Note that I use the same sample I used for my previous StarFish videos.

Starfish blanket framing tutorial​The StarFish blanket framing is made out of 6 rounds and uses a few basic crochet stitches such as, double crochet dc, single crochet sc, chain stitch ch st and slip stitch sl st. But it also includes a dc2tog which is a double crochet 2 together. And I show exactly how to do it while skipping a stitch in the middle. You will be surprised to see how simple it is to make this stitch and what a beautiful result it creates in the StarFish blanket framing.

Starfish blanket framing tutorialI know some of you, my lovely followers are busy making the StarFish blanket and that you were patiently waiting for the Starfish blanket framing tutorial to be uploaded. Thank you so much for waiting so patiently and for your understanding. This video took ages to create because it has so much content and details to include. I also didn’t want to make it so long so I had to put a lot of editing time into the making. The video is about 35 minutes long and will take you through each and every step along the framing. I really hope you’ll find it helpful while you make your StarFish blanket. The StarFish yarn pack will be available again in my Etsy shop within the next few weeks.



Now together with the StarFish square pattern, you’ll also have three video tutorials available on my YouTube channel that will help you complete your project.

Can’t tell you how excited I am to have them all available. I finally made it and I hope you will enjoy them all. You might find my videos helpful also for other crochet projects.I made them so you can feel like you learn here physically with me.

If you are not new here you probably already know that I’m a left handed crocheter and a right handed knitter. BUT I teach for years, mainly right handed crocheters and I have learned that it is not a factor AT ALL. Check it out and I am sure that you will find out that this is not an issue.

Thank you for your lovely emails and pictures of your beautiful StarFish creations. Your pictures make my heart sing. Can’t wait to see them framed. Please let me know if you liked my new video. Leave a comment. I’d love to hear where you are in the making and if you enjoy your journey.

socks knittingCrochet and knitting saved me in so many difficult situations in my life as well as in these days. My crochet and knitting WIP’s brings me some peace of mind. I will share them with you on IG and FB to try and cheer you up during these horrible days. Thank you for your amazing reactions to my new Cosy Weekend Socks pattern. YOU ARE AMAZING. I have cast on this new pair yesterday in bed. THANK YOU as always for visiting me here and reading my blog, xxMo