It was one of those weekends when we had no special plans and this creature was born. This woolly bunny kind of created itself. It took only a few hours of crochet, in a quiet Friday afternoon. All of a sudden there was this little fluffy softness laying on my legs. Now, a few weeks later, I’m here to tell you the story about a new crochet bunny pattern – coming soon. Crochet bunny pattern coming soonOk so it was a Friday afternoon, this blog post was just published and I was about to leave the studio and finish my work week. I was so ready for the weekend. Before leaving the studio, I picked up some wool and crochet hooks to have with me in the living room area where I usually lay back and crochet or knit. I was in a desperate need of some ME time.

I took a ball of DK Alpaca yarn, a ball of Silk Mohair and a few sizes of crochet hooks. I sat on the sofa and started crocheting, holding these two strands together.
A crochet bunny came out
After a few minutes there were two soft hairy legs connected together and a little belly on top of them. I think it was about three hours later that I had a little fluffy bunny in my hands. I guess this creature had plans of it’s own. It just wanted to be created !? It didn’t exist on any of my TO DO lists, if you wonder. There were no plans of bunny making here on the CrochetObjet planet. But there’s no way I will resist a bunny making if that’s what pops out of my hands right? Checkout this week’s video, for a little more of explanation about it.
When I realized a new crochet bunny pattern is in the making, I went back to the studio to grab my patterns notebook so I can write down all the steps made. I spent most of the weekend re-making it while playing with different wool options. It was in between feeding and mothering and sourdough making, of course. These sourdough NY bagels are the current rock star here in our little nest. I make them using Einkorn flour and they are so loved. I think E and my kids never loved me as much as they do when these bagels are served. crochet bunny pattern - coming soon
A new week work

On the next Sunday, a new working week just started with me sitting next to my computer. Writing down an appropriate ‘step by step’ pattern while remaking and re checking the pattern with a different yarn options. A new crochet bunny pattern is coming soon guys!

The yarn I used

In most cases I used one strand of DK – Worsted Alpaca and one strand of Silk Mohair from “knitting for olive”. The Alpaca I used is from a local Alpaca farm here in the south of Israel that I sell here in my local studio shop. About seven different un-dyed natural colours. But I also made one using a Quince & co Chickadee held together with Knitting for olive Silk Mohiar.crochet bunny pattern

Hook sizes I used
On the first ‘just flew out of my hands’ bunny, I used a 3 and a 3.5 mm hook but than I realized a 4 mm creates a softer crochet bunny and I’m totally here for that!crochet bunny pattern
Crochet bunny ears & tail

There were two options made for the bunny ears and tail. On the first bunny I made the ears using two strands of Silk Mohair held together. I used a 3.5 mm hook because it just felt right. But I also made bunny ears and tails out of the wool held with the silk mohair. The pattern will include all the information so you can create both options.

Crochet bunny name

OK so a new crochet bunny pattern is coming soon and it needs a name. There were a few options running here but I think It’s going to be Bunny Alber. As a homage to the legendary Fashion designer Alber Elbaz who passed away in Paris out of Covid, just a few days before this creature was created. Alber Elbaz graduated Shenkar college about 10 years before I did and his life journey is fascinating. He was so loved and appreciated. Beside being a well known fashion designer he had a big warm heart. I share more of it on this weeks YouTube video so go get yourself a cup of coffee and join me in my studio chat.

A bunny hug

crochet bunny pattern - coming soonAt the end of the weekend, while soaking the last hours of our family weekend time, I watched this guy hugged with the new furry creature. This new crochet bunny is already loved in our family and I hope it will be soon hugged by your little loved ones. I really hope it will soon be available in my Etsy shop. There are just a few more pictures that I want to add and just a few more final twicks.

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