It’s been a long time since I last shared a ‘Knitting and crochet moments from the past week’ here on my blog. I usually publish some photos right after each of our weekly meetings on Instagram. Straight out of the oven… Today I thought I’d share some stitch-y beauty bits from our last week’s table… or from my bed as you can see here. After all, it feels just normal to spread granny squares for layout and colour composition on the bed.

If you are new to my blog WELCOME and thank you for joining. Hope you will find some moments of peace of mind here with me. That’s my goal. If you are not new here you already know that usually we have three Knitting and crochet weeklies. These meetings take place on Monday morning, Tuesday morning and a Tuesday Knit night #knitnite. So I thought to go through the days and share some knitting and crochet projects that visited my studio table in the past week.


Knitting and crochet moments from the past week 
Knitting and crochet moments from the past week Hello Monday girls! What are you busy with this week? Lets go from the top left to right:

Tuesday morningKnitting and crochet moments from the past week 

Tuesday was more of a crochet kind of morning.

Crochet animalscrochet animals

On Tuesday we also had a crochet animal department.

KnitniteKnitting and crochet moments from the past week 

Out knit nights are always so soooo funny. I don’t know, it might be the hour? Or maybe it’s an ‘end of day brain’ situation? If you happen to be around you will probably hear loud laughing voices filling the air. Yes it’s a true joy. Although every week I ask them gently if they would be so kind and agree to meet every other week instead of every week, since I’m exhausted, they always answer NO!!!

Here are some Knitting and crochet moments from this week’s knitnite.

Knitnite sweater department

We also had a sweater department in our last knit night.

So as you can see we had a lovely week. Now try to imagine me running around the table with all these projects and the how to questions. Am I totally exhausted after teaching three weeklies in a row? Absolutely. Do I have second thoughts of should I cut one and do something else for my little crochetobjet knitting little biz. Hell yes! But at this point I’m still teaching my super lovely, funny, awesome students. After all, I love teaching and love my girls. I just need a little bit more time (for pattern writing for example?) But who doesn’t need some extra time in his life??? Let me know if you have some to send me. Hope you enjoyed these Knitting and crochet moments from the past week. Hope it brought a little bit of peace of mind your way. xxMo