It was one of those busy weeks when I could not really keep all the balls in the air. One very unexpected disappointment came my way this week and I had to swallow feelings of bitterness, catch myself and move on. I could hear my mom’s voice telling me: when a door gets closed a window gets opened. SO right!! I guess in English you say it differently but this is a flat translation from Hebrew.KISS Blanket Video and a Shop Update

KISS Blanket video and shop update

But HEY, let’s let the good things shine over the ugly ones. There’s a new video on YouTube this week PLUS a shop update with KISS blanket packs ready for you on Etsy. On my new video I explain everything related to the KISS blanket making and structure. It’s a simple garter stitch stripes project with a little crochet detail at the very last part of the making. KISS = keep it simple stripes. The name just says it all, it’s exactly what it is. Simple, easy and stripe-y. It’s a joyful knitting project to keep you busy but easy, meditating and without using too much of your brain space. Designed with a smooth colour movement to keep you happy from the first stitch to the last.

The yarn pack

If you like to make your KISS with the same yarn as in my original blanket, you will need the KISS yarn pack. You can also use any other 4 ply sport weight cotton. I just updated my shop with KISS yarn packs which includes 21 Granny Kit cotton balls. Each ball is 50 gr and 125 meters. Stock levels are getting low fast so please make sure to grab one before it’s gone. You will have to purchase the pattern separately. Shop pattern here. Shop yarn pack here.
KISS Blanket Video and a Shop Update
The above picture will help you keep your KISS blanket in the same colour story like in my original design in case you want to use any other yarn.

The KISS video

In this video I share all the information you need to know before jumping into the KISS journey but it will be great to have you watching anyway. Just get yourself a cup of and join me on my studio chat. Let me know if a stripes design can make you ridiculously excited because I think if you are here the answer is yes?
Hope you enjoy visiting me in my studio for this stripe-y chat. Please don’t forget to give my video the thumbs up if yes, and if you like my studio chats please consider subscribing to my channel. Thank you and xxMo