Hello guys. Today is Thursday and my morning routine was just completed. Our home is tidy up, the laundry machine is rolling AND your Etsy orders are making their way to you! I’m at my desk drinking from a jar of water with a bit of lemon and mint to keep me hydrated. Ready to catch up with you. Today’s blog is all about my weekly edit as I’m still trying to find the best formula (for me).

Re-find the formula

I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed lately. With so many things on my TO DO list every week. It’s funny how everything is so dynamic in my little CrochetObjet knitting, just as in life . Therefore I need to rethink my weekly edit and re-find the best formula every now and then.

Productivity nerd

I found that writing the whole-week plan on one page and keeping 3 – 5 tasks only per each day works really well for me. Except for the days I teach in which I have a strict schedule, I’m trying to keep my weekly schedule as flexible as possible. I’m trying to be a bit kind to myself with my TO DO list. As a productivity nerd I can easily find myself working much longer hours than what I really want for myself. Always trying to keep in balance. Keep juggling responsibly between working time to leisure time. It’s hard when your job is filled with things you really love to do.

Self journaling

Starting every day with 5 minutes of self journaling is one of the things that really helps me to keep in balance. It helps organizing my ideas. It’s a little brain/ mind kind of tidy up for me. I usually start by writing down 3 – 5 things I am grateful for. It can even be something as simple like: I’m so grateful for the coffee E makes every morning and for the time we spend drinking it together. We drink a Makineta coffee every morning (for 23 years). Making a Makineta coffee (Moka Pot) is not just like pressing ON on a coffee machine, it is more of a morning routine thing. And it’s absolutely the best coffee.

This morning

E brought two packages back from his post visit this morning. These beautifully made sock blockers were in one of them. Can’t tell you how grateful I am for these wooden handmade traditional blockers by Patricia Anne from Knitography p4chen. I wanted them in my life for ages and finally ordered them. They are now part of my studio and they look so at home here. Not sure yet where exactly to place them but HEY they only arrived this morning. Any ideas?  The Weekly Edit - trying to find the best formula
And there was another package with this light and airy un-spun Icelandic yarn which I can’t wait to get my hands on. I was looking for it for so long and it’s finally here. The Weekly Edit - trying to find the best formulaAs a tidy person I usually don’t buy a lot. Sounds weird for a maker but yes! I’m not sure if I can call myself a minimalist but I do tend to really choose what will find it’s way into our home or into my studio. I see myself as the editor of my surrounding and I’m kind of picky. So, if I do purchased something it filled my heart with gratitude and it immediately feels like it belongs here. Do you know what I mean?

The weekly edit

So, back to the weekly edit chat. I’m obviously juggling between so many different things every week.
  • Our weekly’s capture two days of the week. I usually don’t make much more except of teaching during these days. Maybe a yoga class on Monday evening.
  • My Etsy shop is like a full time job to be honest. Packing is just one part of the picture and you are so SO great guys that I had to take some help with packing lately. But there’s quite a bit of admin attached to it. Plus I personally answer all Etsy conversations. I try to do it everyday. And thank you so much by the way, for all the warm words you send me there. It means the world to me.
  • There’s my little blog corner that I keep visiting once a week and I find as good for me as self journaling. It’s my way to connect with you and share my daily life as a maker and as a small business owner. I love to have you here with me and I’m so thankful for you being here.
  • I’m trying to upload a new video to my YouTube channel, every few weeks so you get to know me even better and come visit me in my studio. This could only happen every few weeks at this point of my life. It’s so new to me and I’m so looking forward to making more videos.
  • Pattern writing – there are so many new patterns in progress at the moment. So many new patterns ideas in my BUSY head. Trying to block a few hours in my weekly edit for pattern writing. which I love LOVE so much.
  • Can we mention admin work? Oh this is where I wish to find some help. Wish me luck.
  • Social media – do I have to add something here?

The Weekly Edit - trying to find the best formulaThinking ahead

I’m trying to get better with planing for my future maker self . At some point or another in every small business there’s a point that you realize things are getting overwhelming. There is so much work that needs to get done. So many weekly tasks that it gets hard to bundle them all together. Not to mention how I love my job and how I love every little thing included in it. This is a little problem and at the same time something to be grateful for. My weekly edit needs to get edited!

Writing my thoughts

So, no immediate answers or solutions at the moment. It’s just me thinking loudly with you here. Putting my thought into lists. Chatting the weekly edit – trying to find the best formula that will work for me because I want to keep it real with you. The life of a maker is much more than just a pretty Instagram picture. It’s just a little piece of the big picture.
Thank you so much for reading my thoughts, love having your company. Love hearing your advice please do leave me a comment down below, drop me a line if you feel you can relate or if you have any advice. xxMo


It’s Thursday evening, just popped in to let you know we made it to the beach at the end of our working day. Our kids were busy, each in his own activity. We just got into the car and drove to Tel Aviv for a much needed barefoot beach-walk with a beautiful sunset. Enjoy your weekend.