On Thursday mornings, after some housework and a daily tidy up routine, I usually sit down to write my blog. This week, however, I had an appointment in Tel Aviv at 10 am. I wasn’t sure how long it would take so I decided not to push myself time wise and go with the flow. Maybe have a long sunny walk back home.
E drove me to the appointment, on his way to work, because I wanted to walk part of the way back home. Maybe get on a bus for the last part. After my appointment was finished I went down to the street. It was very hot and sunny. Next thing was me at the coffee shop ordering myself a cup of cappuccino. While waiting for my coffee togo, I put a ton of sunscreen on my face and body and put my hat on. With a delicious cup of coffee in hand, I started strolling.
I finished my coffee and thought I will continue walking just a little more. It’s quite an urban walk and not very uplifting but I had my headphones in and a bunch of podcasts in my Spotify favorites. A long sunny walkWhenever it was possible I turned into side streets to make the walking more interesting. Eventually I made it all the way back home, almost 8 km (5 miles) in total. Luckily I had my Kinto tumbler filled with cold water and mint leaves to keep me cool. It was a long sunny walk. I felt so exhausted when I was back at my desk.
So here is my idea. For today’s blog post I will leave you with a new video that was uploaded while we made our way to Tel Aviv. This way you feel we had our weekly chat-y meeting here, just as usual. Make yourself a cup of and come join me on my new episode. I chat about knitting and crochet and share some FO’s and WIP’s. I had lipstick on and made many funny faces so prepare yourself. AND PLEASE help me to choose which buttons to use for my new cardigan. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe, it really helps my channel.
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