Hello my lovely blog readers. I know a big part of my followers are here for crochet and colors and cotton. But you also already know how I love teaching. And that I also teach knitting. So, for those of you who never tried knitting before, or those of you who have tried and the experience has not been so successful. I’d like to suggest you try to learn how to knit with me. Knitting is SUPER easy, simple and meditative. OH and SOOOO so addictive. All you need is a pair of needles, a ball of yarn and a little bit of time to practice. Before you know it you will have stitches knitted into a fabric under your hands. Follow my How To Knit – Video Tutorials For Beginners and you will soon knit your own first project. Enjoy the health benefits of knitting and the sound and the healing effect of a pair of working needles in your hands.
Knitting is for everyone and suites all ages
I was about 5 or 6 years old when my grandma first taught me how to knit. I was so into it and although I’m a left handed I just imitated her hands and did exactly what she showed me as a right handed. And just so happened to be that I’m a right handed knitter although I’m left handed. I knitted blankets and scarf to my dolls as my first projects and I was 6 years old.
Knit and Purl stitches
It was back in 2017 when I felt the urge to go back to knitting. Till then I only crochet. In Spring 2017 I picked up the pointy needles and started my sock knitting journey. Would you believe me if I told you all I knew about knitting back then was: How to cast on, knit, purl and how to bind off? In the picture you see the first rounds I knitted on my VERY first sock ever. YES, this is everything YOU need to know in order to knit yourself a pair of socks. OK there are more stitches to learn but all related to these basic stitches. And you can learn them on the go. knit and purl

And here is my hand knitted socks basket after 4 years. So in case you like to learn the basic stitches with me, there you go…Hoe to knit - video tutorials for beginners

how to knit – video tutorials for beginners
In the last few weeks I was working on a How To Knit for beginners playlist on my YouTube channel. This playlist was made following a few requests from my followers and Etsy customers that wanted to knit my KISS blanket but never tried knitting before. Up till now, this playlist includes three parts where you can learn how to knit with me. I take you step – by – step through all the basic stitches in knitting. In these videos you will learn how to: cast on, knit, purl and bind off.
Knitting Styles
There are two basic knitting styles. The English method, where you hold the running yarn on your right hand. And the Continental method, where you hold the yarn on your left hand. In my how to knit video tutorials for beginners, I show each and every stitch in both methods. So you can check with yourself what is your preference. In my 7 knitting tips for beginners I explain more about it.
how to knit for beginners
You will need
  • A ball of yarn / wool. Choose any yarn you love, which is not too fine and thin. If you can check the label or ask the seller, a DK weight will work best to start with. In my tutorials I use the TOFT DK in color cream.
  • A pair of needles. I’m a big fan of wooden needles when it comes to beginners. The wooden needles have a nice grip and they are less slippery to work with. They will make it easier for you while just starting. PLUS they are also very pretty and I’m here for it. The size of the needles should be picked according to the size of the wool. If you go with a DK weight yarn go for a 4 mm / US 6 needles. I use these 4 mm LYKEE needles.
  • Watch my How To Knit – Video Tutorials For Beginners – a playlist on my YouTube channel.

how to knit for beginners

Let’s get started

Part 1 – How to CAST ON and KNIT
In this part you will learn the very first steps in knitting. You will put some stitches on your needle and learn how to knit them back and forth which is what we call the Garter stitch in knitting. Well if you follow this video you actually know how to knit and you can knit a beautiful scarf all made by this one stitch. A knitter was born.
Part 2 – How to PURL
So you know how to knit and you are ready for the next stitch. In this video you will learn how to purl. Purling is the second stitch to learn after the knit stitch. You will knit one side and purl back on the other side and that’s what we call the Stockinette stitch.
Part 3 – How to BIND OFF
Bind off also known as Cast off is the way to take your stitches out of the needle once your knitting is completed. In this part you will learn the basic bind off which is actually pretty simple and very common.
Your first knitting project
After following these three videos you can go ahead and pick your first real knitting project. I would recommend knitting a scarf as the first project and just practice the basic stitches. You can easily mix and combine the knit and purl and knit yourself a ribbed scarf. For example 2 knit stitches and 2 purl stitches – a 2×2 rib. And there you go. You are a knitter. Welcome to the most addictive and meditative craft work.
So, The how to knit for beginners playlist together with my 7 knitting tips for beginners, I got you all covered and you can get yourself into the knitting rhythm and let your fingers fly.
Original Guitar music created for my channel
And if you are not new to my channel you will notice that on Part 3 there’s music added to the first part of the video – for the first time. SO excited about it. My friend Uri has a musician friend who lives in Brooklyn, Moshe Bonen. Uri and myself are very close friends for years and we are kind of music mates ok? When I first started on a YouTube channel Uri was pretty much involved in everything and he offered to ask Moshe Bonen to create an original music to play along with my videos. Uri knows best what music will float my boat. About two weeks later I received this lovely Guitar music played and made by the talented Moshe Bonen and I AM VERY THANKFUL for that. Thank you so so SO much Moshe.
And this is it for today. Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried knitting following my videos and how was it for you? Or if you have any other stitches that you would like me to upload.
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