These beautiful Jelly Rolls socks by Mara Catherine Bryner are a special guest on my YouTube channel this week. I finished knitting the toe about two weeks ago and was just about to graft the stitches. I thought it would be a good idea to add the Kitchener stitch on socks knitting into my video tutorials using ​this joyful ​pair as a model.Kitchener stitch

Kitchener stitch

Is a technique of grafting together two lines of live stitches by creating a new row of stitches between them. It’s the last part of socks knitting, after shaping the toe. It creates a magic connecting the two parts of the toe. Why magic? because you create stitches using a tapestry needle and the final result looks like the knitting itself. Kitchener stitch actually mimics the knitting. When it’s done it looks like a continued knitting pattern and looks so smooth. I will never forget the excitement and the voices my mouth created after my first Kitchener stitch was done!

Kitchener stitch on socks knitting
Jelly Rolls Socks
It was on our Spring knitting picnic when I first cast on my ​own ​Jelly Rolls. A few students of my weeklies were knitting their pair already and I wanted to join in. I had this CrochetObjet bag full of mini balls ​of ​socks yarn that called me to dive in. A Green tiny ball was my first pick but after a few rounds I switched color​. ​To be honest I could switch colors forever because the options were endless. I wanted my jelly rolls to be colorful, happy and NOT identical.
socks knitting socks knittingWe still knit it together on our weeklies and above are some of the eye candy Jelly Rolls from our weeklies table. 
Kitchener stitch
Kitchener stitch
I knitted the entire socks on five Double Pointed Needles and I couldn’t be happier. ​The knitting was like a color-work playground for me. And when I reached the point that I had to graft the toe stitches I decided to put them aside till I have the time to record myself making the Kitchener Stitch.Kitchener stitch on socks knitting
Kitchener Stitch on Socks Knitting
Last Sunday (which for us is the first work day of the week), I placed my camera in front of the north window of my studio and pressed record. At this point I’m not so good at preparing all the details and planning the video parts yet. But I’m getting better. This time I even put on some make up, not that I have so much makeup stuff in my drawer. But I decided to stand in front of the camera and actually talk to you before the actual tutorial part. So, I needed some make up to help me up. After three billion shots I finally had an intro filmed.
♥ ♥ ♥
Editing was quite a process and I’m still learning. Luckily I have a close friend who knows a lot about video and audio editing. After I finished editing he edited some background noises that I didn’t even pay attention to.
New Video
So now the Kitchener Stitch on Socks Knitting is available on my YouTube channel whenever you need it. I am SO happy! and really REALLY hope you’ll find it helpful. My English is far from being perfect but I love teaching. And I hope you love learning from me. It fills my heart with so much joy to know I can help you get into the party of knitting and crochet.
Now I still need to graft the second sock, weaving in end and block my new socks. Which I plan to do on the weekend. And if we get lucky with the weather I will be wearing them on soon.
Kitchener stitch on socks knittingSocks knitting is a JOY and I still can’t think of myself as a sock knitter. A dream comes through. Read more of my socks knitting journey on the right hand side bar here on my blog. If I did it YOU CAN DO IT. It’s easy and therapeutic. All you have to know is just hoe to Knit and Purl. Thank you so much for visiting me here. xxMo
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