Perhaps it’s time to catch our breath and take a moment to welcome Spring? After hosting the “Seder” dinner we enjoyed a slow Passover week. The five of us together (in most times).

passover dinner table

Passover dinner table

It was early afternoon when I started to make the Passover dinner table. I always start with taking out the linen table cloth. Spray some water on it and let it dry ironed-like. After the dishes were in place I took the time to play with some flowers and greenery I cut from our balcony garden. I was so in love with the little bouquets I made. It made the table arrangement so unique. We had a lovely Seder dinner with my dad, my sister and her two boys. We were reading and singing from the Hagada till late at night and enjoyed our time together.slow passover week slow passover week

Daily walk

On the day after the Seder dinner we went on an early walk in our local park which is crazy blooming at the moment. So blooming that I had to stop every few minuted to take a picture of million kinds of BEAUTIFUL wild flowers.

A day in a farm

After the beautiful morning walk we drove south to spend a day at my cousin’s farm. We spent the most glorious day together with the whole big family of my mom’s sisters and their families. I love LOVE my big family. We are so close together and so our kids are. Shlomi, my cousin’s husband is such a passionated farmer. Every time we visit his farm it’s a thrill. This time he made a ‘cheese making’ workshop with the kids. Can’t tell you what a day we had together. Sorry for not sharing pictures from this special event. But there are too many kids faces in my pictures and it’s better to keep their privacy. We came back home very late that night with hands full of different kinds of hand made cheese, fresh lemons, huge amount of farms eggs and HAPPY hearts.

Mondays club

The day after, we enjoyed the farm cheese on our weekly Mondays club, which was the only morning I was teaching in the Passover week. Beside the cheese we had these tasty Passover cookies that Elisheva made for us. We had a very long session this week, not sure why but it was such a calm meeting and we simply forgot about the time. Four of us are making BELLA a knitted cat from this book.

beach walk

Barefoot beach walk

It was sunny and glorious but also windy on our beach walk on Monday afternoon. I guess that’s why there were tons of Kite-surfers. It was fascinating to see how they go into the water and start up the wind surf, flying up the sky like birds. Have you ever tried Kite Surfing? do you know someone who did? Looks like a very special experience.

A very slow start of the day

We were on a real slow Passover week and woke up VERY late almost every day, enjoying a late breakfast and a slow start of the day. We all love these special Passover rolls which I make every year. On Passover we are not supposed to eat any wheat or flour, so I put my sourdough starters deep into the fridge for the week. These rolls made a great job.

passover morning

E and myself made our best to let the kids enjoy the Passover rolls and sticked with our Green smoothies in most cases. YAY to clean eating!

As a small business owner there’s always some work to do. And given that my Etsy shop was still open I had some cotton packing and organizing to do in most days of the week. The Green cotton drawer is now filled up and ready for next week. And by the way this Spring-y bouquet was picked for me by Elisheva, the same lady who made the cookies for us on Monday.

City walk

A slow week doesn’t mean you don’t have to feed the fam. But it does mean you can say ‘I don’t feel like cooking’!!! So, on Wednesday we drove to Tel Aviv, picked some sushi and had a bright sunny urban picnic in the center of Tel Aviv. The picnic ended up with a sunny city walk and so we found ourselves strolling in the crowded market. We bought some fruits, vegetables and a goat feta cheese. Our youngest found himself a hat and a T-shirt. I call it success even though I wanted to keep on with the city walk and the kids wanted to go back home. I wanted to make the most of this sunny Spring day.

slow passover weekWhen we came home, I made myself this passover roll filled with a delicious goat feta cheese from the market, a farmer egg, lettuce and walnut. Took my tiny little sandwich, a cup of warm tea and my knitting and escaped to my bed. Do you also love to crochet /knit in bed?

We had a lovely slow passover week and so I haven’t uploaded any new video to my YouTube channel. Thank you so much for my new subscribers.slow passover weekI feel so fortunate to be able to manage my time as I wish. I appreciate the fact that I can take myself a slow week with my family, whenever needed. Thank you so much for reading, and to those of you who are new here, thank you for joining. Happy April to you all. Enjoy your holidays. xxMo