Originally I planned to tell you everything about the new How To Purl video on todays blog post. But while writing I found that I just couldn’t skip the First day of Spring and the following days of the past week as well. So, I got you covered, grab yourself a cup of coffee and come sit with me for a moment or two. Spring time holds some very special dates in our life. We got married on the first day of spring – 21st of March 2000. Last year we planned to celebrate our 20st anniversary in Madrid. We ordered flights and a hotel room a few months in advance, but then the Corona came to the world and we got locked down. This year we haven’t planned for anything special. But we did mark both calendars with a free day and decided to be flexible. About 4-5 days before the actual day we decided to go for a day trip in Jerusalem including a nice brunch in a place we heard good things about.
When life have different plans
Unfortunately two days before our anniversary my beloved father had a sort of a heart event and got into the hospital and we had to make some adjustments. I wanted to spend as much time as I can next to him. We decided to spend the first part of the day with something special for us and then be with him for the rest of the day.
first day of springfirst day of springFirst day of Spring
On Sunday morning we drove up to Jerusalem to visit Hansen House. About 50 minutes drive. This building used to be a leper asylum in the 19th century and now it’s a very unique art gallery and a coffee house. After strolling the garden, we enjoyed a delicious late breakfast served by the organic locally made, Ofaimme Farm. We found a quiet place in the garden and enjoyed our little anniversary celebration, on the first day of Spring.

I had one of my project bags with me (of course) and enjoyed some calm knitting time with my Jelly Rolls Socks. It was sunny, beautiful and quiet and we couldn’t ask for more. We spent a few hours in the garden but we haven’t left the place before exploring the preserved building. We couldn’t enter most of the rooms because busy students were all over the place building up an exhibition. A few hours later we were on our way back. I was very happy to be back on time so I can spend the rest of the day next to my dad.

Sourdough backing
It was late when I came back from the hospital that day. But I had sourdough waiting for me in the fridge for more than 24 hours. E insisted that I need to give up the baking and go to sleep. I couldn’t just leave it there. I baked it so that the Monday girls can enjoy it the next morning. It was pretty late when I had my happy sourdough scoring moment. I went to bad happy in a home full of bread backing smell.
Weekly knitting and crochet clubs
Luckily my father was back home on Monday morning and I could be fully minded during Monday’s club teaching. The girls were so thankful for the bread and as always we had a blissful morning together. At the following day we had our Tuesday morning club till about 1PM and we skipped our Knit Nite for this week. Among all the projects of the past week I enjoyed having this StarFish blanket so much. These weeklies are a bliss, I feel so lucky for each and everyone of the girls in my crochet and knitting groups.
Election day
Tuesday was the election day here (once again). Our second son (13 years old) is very active in the Youth Israeli Labor Party. We went voting and as a very proud mom and dad we took this picture with him while he was volunteering in the election place. He stood there from very early in the morning till late in the evening. He did a great job during the preparations for the election day. One of our neighbors told us he made her change her mind. Don’t get it wrong, we have nothing to do with his political view or passion for it. It is all his own choices. The labour party did well and he celebrated and stayed awake all night to watch the news. We really hope and pray for good news as this is the fourth elections in 2 years here. Hope they will be able to build a healthy functional government this time.

Beach walk
After fulfilling our civic duty and cooking some healthy food for the future generation, we drove to the sea to enjoy a long barefoot beach walk. We had such a beautiful sunset walk. This time on the north part of Tel Aviv beach.
How To Purl video tutorial
On Wednesday I filmed and edited a new video tutorial. Following on from last week’s video where I show How To Knit, this week’s video is a How To Purl Stitch. The second part on the ‘Knitting for beginners playlist’. In the first part of the video you will learn how to Purl using the English knitting style. Where you hold the yarn on your right hand. In the second part of the video you will learn how to make the Continental purling. Where you hold the yarn on your left hand. If you are a beginner I think it’s better to start by trying the English style. I find it easier for beginners. If you know how to knit go ahead and try to purl not in your usual knitting style. This is a great brain exercise. So now you have everything you need in order to start knitting. I hope you’ll give it a try and that you’ll like learning with me.

Passover preparations
The new video was live on Thursday morning so I could sit and write this blog post along with some pre holiday preparations. Passover eve will be held on Saturday evening. We will celebrate it here, in our home, with my dad and my sister’s family. We will start the cooking tomorrow morning, after completing some more food shopping. We are very excited and looking forward to it. The kids love reading the Haggadah story and spend time with my sister’s boys. I will probably share some pictures from the preparations and from Passover dinner over on my IG and FB pages. I wish you a happy Passover if you celebrate it. xxMo