It’s almost the weekend and I think how fast the weeks are flying by. How time flies and what can I do to catch it better, to calm it a little. It was not very clear why or from what specific reason but I struggled this kind of deep sadness for the last few weeks. Very heavy and not optimistic mood indeed. Well from million reasons and for no reason at the same time, but that was it and I felt I could not resist it. I tried very hard to lift myself up till I realized it needs time and I can’t fight it. Luckily I have this special kind of a supportive husband who is very sensitive and has this sense of conscious and understanding. Luckily I have a few supportive friends to cheer me up. Luckily I have a very colourful and cheering up working environment and I have a few very lifting up regular weekly activities. My regular weekly activities are much appreciated in these kind of days. This weeks Monday session was one of those moments that helped me keep it up. These girly crochet mornings are so delightful.It is a calm crochet morning full of creation energy and colour therapy. Well yes, what you see here is a morning of sock knitting, which I wanted so much to share with you. Few weeks ago, one of my Monday’s students asked if she could bring a freind with her to join our crochet morning. To make a long story short this ‘new at my Monday’s’ lady, Naomi, is a very experienced and talented knitter. After few visits here I told her about my plan to try knitting socks and that I’d like to follow a book I have, called Super Socks from Winwick mum by Christine Perry. She offered to help me. So, together with few other experienced knitters we met here and started our sock knitting journey. I have to say this is heavily inspired by Lucy from Attic24. I saw her sock journey and felt my fingers itching. My first pair of socks is on the hook right now and I’m so happy with it. Christine’s pattern is very easy to follow. Her instruction are so clear and professional. I’m not that good at knitting but with the help of Naomi and the other ladies it went so quickly to get on track. It is not as easy as crochet for me and my body is not that relaxed but I know it is only the beginning and that it’ll get better. I use this yarn for my first pair of socks. I have this Granny Kit Yellow cotton on my crochet hook. I started working on it with the aim of encouraging my spirit. I just felt like crocheting with this Yellow colour. It felt so right to my moody feel this week. I’m really not sure what will it end up like. It might be a very starting point of developing a new crochet objet but on the other hand it can end up as nothing. I promise to update you when it has clear identity.With one of my mom’s duties here, I drive my kids (ohhh I do drive them) to few kinds of afternoon activities and sometimes I have to wait in the car. In this case I was waiting for Minion2 while he was in his English lesson. I was crocheting my Yellow thing trying to strive inside this bright happy colour. When he came back to the car, he gave me this piece of paper with “My Family” sweet things written on it and I knew in my heart that the gloomy feeling will leave soon.Today I was writing down a Clover pattern for June’s workshops, which I plan to put on my Etsy shop soon. I wrote the instructions, crocheted again and again, took pictures and Michael Kiwanuka was playing from my computer and a very nice feeling came inside. Right outside of my studio, on our back balcony, there are few Socolants that we planted a long time ago. When I went outside to hang laundry today, I found that beauty. these pink and yellow Socolant flowers were smiling at me and I smiled back, of course I did as I know in my heart there is so much to be happy for. xoxMo