I have just added the Chrysanthemum step-by-step flower pattern to my Etsy shop and it is for a SPECIAL Launch price till the end of May 2017. BUT, before I tell you everything you need to know about this delicious pattern, let me just say THANK YOU to all of you that gave my Buddha bracelet pattern a go. A huge THANK YOU to you all. I read all your emails, even if I’m not replying – be sure I was very happy to read your words. I can see your beautiful Buddha bracelet on my FB page and on IG with #buddhabracelet and #crochetobjet and it makes me very happy. Your bracelets are all so gorgeous and colourful. THANK YOU for all your nice comments and thank you for your appreciation. Writing step – by – step patterns is one of the things I love the most, but it is really a time consuming job and I’m very happy you appreciated it. So your comments and warm words meant a lot. Hope you’ll keep on making Buddha bracelet and necklaces to your loved ones and share them, please do. On the above picture you can see a necklace I made for a friend of mine, a very talented fashion designer, Sasson Kedem, to add to his Spring display.So, if you enjoy following my patterns, I have some good news for you today.Well, a little later than what I originally planned but the Chrysanthemum flower pattern is now available at my Etsy shop. We crochet this lovely flower pattern here on my workshops and Monday’s for quite a while and each time it surprises me what an awesome impact this flower makes. Here are some things that I want to tell you about this pattern.THE STORY
The Chrysanthemum flower was originally crocheted inspired by Jung Jung during the period while my Father – in – law was in Hospice. I remember long hours of sitting there next to his bad, browsing and looking at her work again and again and I do remember very strongly that I though to myself  ‘I wish he was awake so I can show it to him’ because I knew he would appreciate it at least as much as I do. I’ve crocheted so many flowers and leafs inspired by Jung Jung since then and her work has inspired me to create many more botanical crochet creations. During those many hours of crochet meditating I found out that the combination of both Granny Kit cotton and a fine size hook creates such a high quality texture and this is precisely what had captured my heart and got me hooked. It just flew out of my hook/fingers, triggering so many botanical crochet objets that are running in my creative mind. This hook size together with the stitches I teach in the Chrysantemum pattern makes it a medium – high level crochet project.LEVEL
This is a step-by-step pattern, followed by close up pictures to show each and every step along the way. It will be good for you if you are familiar with crochet stitches and if this is not your first crochet project. If you have already crocheted my Chamomile bouquet, you’ll probably learn some new things but on the other hand you’ll find some similar steps along the way.WHAT DO YOU NEED
Yarn: GrannyKit cotton in 3 colours. I used colours Cream, Daisy & Sage for my pattern but the girls here crocheted it in various colours and each was stun and made it’s own impact.
Crochet hook: You can use 1.50/1.75mm or max 2.25mm.
Soft stuffing (acrylic or cotton) – just a little.
A metal wire for the flower steam.
A pair of crafty scissors
Tapestry needleABREVIATIONS AND STITCHES (US crochet terms)
I’m using US crochet terms and all the sts used in this pattern are shown and explained at the first page of the pattern.CHRYSANTHEMUM FLOWER SIZE
With Granny Kit cotton yarn and the recommended hook, your Chrysanthemum flower will come out: Aproxx: 8 c”m (2.36″) diameter. Length 15 c”m or whatever you like.If you follow me on IG and on my FB page you probably saw this gorgeous bouquet. It was made by one of my Monday’s students. She made it for her daughter’s wedding. This unique handmade bouquet was crocheted by her for weeks and the bride will hold the bouquet during the ceremony. She followed my Chamomile bouquet pattern and the Chrysanthemum pattern together with some other botanical patterns that will be available in the near future. I find it very special that she made it for her daughter. I will share a lot more of her crocheted flowers for this wedding. So, if you feel like DIY and create your own botanical creation, this Chrysanthemum pattern is now available and it is for a Special launch price now. I offer it for 3 US$ ONLY – till the end of May 2017. After that it’ll be 6 US$. I’m sure you’ll love it like my workshops girls did.I have so many more pretty botanics to share but I try to keep it one at a time. I really hope you’ll enjoy the new Chrysanthemum pattern. If you try it please let me know what you think and if you liked crocheting it. You can share your flowers on IG with #crochetobjet or #mumflower. xoxMo.