These crochet workshops I’m having here are such an up lifters, providing us with colourful moments and so much pleasure. I felt like sharing these last ones with you today. I know some of you may be asking about how am I doing after what I wrote on my last blog post, just a little note to let you all know, I’m absolutely fine. These gloomy days left just as they came and all is good again. As a creative person I know these moody days are just part of the game, and I also learned that it can end up with a new creation process. Usually I’m a happy person who enjoys life and mostly I love being a creative person. So, I just wanted to let you know all is good and to TAHNK YOU for your warm words and e mails, I truly appreciate it and It means a lot to me. So now, if you are ready I have some very colourful post for you. I wanted to share these 2 last workshops, as I think you might enjoy some colour therapy here.If you follow me for a while you already know how much I enjoy making this workshop table. It is so very important for me to create an inviting environment and that the girls will get into this ‘feel good’ energy while being sat around the table. I put all my cotton colours on the table and a little notebook with crochet instructions for each of the girls. We (E and myself) take out all the cotton boxes from my studio to create a little colourful home shop. I love this little candy shop set up. The whole place is in this ‘workshop set up’. The sofa behind the table is full of colourful crochet projects for both decoration and inspiration.Few minutes after the girls are in we are already deep into work. Sometimes we have few different projects around the table like we had on last Friday workshop. In the above picture you can see a rose in work, in Berry colour, part of My Rose Cushion project made by K, she is here for the first time, she crochets very good and manages so nicely with my written instructions which made me thrilled.On the other side of the table Rina was crocheting the Buddha Bracelet but she also learned how to join Solid Squares with the sewing method. It takes five to ten minutes till the table becomes the happiest table ever. I love this angle, it shows so much of this special energy we have here.Sara wanted to learn how to crochet the Neat Wave Pattern from Attic24 with cotton. We started a sample on our last meeting and she really loved it so she is going to make a cotton cushion with this pretty pattern and this is the first part of it.Ilana is making her first Chamomile flower and I’m so sure that this is just the first of many others to come. S is learning how to crochet Angie Bunny and this is her first amigurumi project. A rose placed on Alice scarf. This early stage of work in progress lightens the imagination and so many projects options are flying inside my head.Tamar is working on this gorgeous granny blanket, she makes it for her daughter and I really appreciate her colour work here. Tamar is a painter and you can easily see it in her work, in her colour combos.A Japanese hat in work. S just found the instructions on Pinterest and I just helped her to read and understand the pattern. She use colour Pale Blue. Ann attended the Sunday workshop. She spread her Smitten blanket on the living room table and we were all magnetized. She just finished the Framing and it came out sooooooo pretty. I do plan to write a step by step pattern here for my Smitten Edging. Hope to have it done soon.Happy table, the happiest. Angie Bunny parts are being connected.Angie Bunnies are laying on a cotton Neat Wave sample.On Sunday I had 4 girls learning my new Clover pattern, which soon will be available on my shop as part of my botanic patterns. Remember this Yellow something I started to work on? So, after so many trials it actually came out as a… bag pattern. After they finished crocheting the 3 leaf Clover, we started to crochet this very new pattern called Hello Yellow bag. So, here you see a fresh new start of a fresh new pattern I haven’t wrote yet. Anny is using colour Orchid for her Hello Yellow bag. The girls are using my Bunnies notebooks to write down the instructions as it it not even a written pattern yet, I only have it written on my sketch book. These are four fresh new Hello Yellow bags in their very starting point. Top left is crocheted with Yellow. Top right with brick. Lower right Orchid and lower left with Apricot which is a new colour available on my cotton line.I do love my crochet workshops, they provide me with so much pleasure and they fill my heart with gladness. Actually I see these crochet mornings like a crochet spa. We all enjoy our time here together, chatting and laughing, drinking tea and coffee with cookies. We all feel both relaxed and inspired and I find this combination super delicious. Do you have any crochet meetings around your area? do you meet with freind to crochet or knit together? I find it very very nice and I wish you all could come and have a sit here around the table. Meanwhile, till you come over for a visit, I’ll share some of it virtually with you. Hope you enjoyed this little visit here on my latest crochet workshops. Today I’ll have here my Monday’s I’ll post some updates on IG. Thank you for following, xoxMo.

P.S Hope everyone who might have been in the area of this frightening evening in London is safe, sending my love.