After yet another short winter, spring is starting to show it’s first signs, in almost every corner here. There’s no way to ignore it or to feel sorry for our short winter because these early signs are showing colours and flowers with the strongest impact on one’s eye and soul. On my recent morning walks by the park, it became really hard to get concentrated in a fast enough healthy walking pace. I find myself walking so slowly and stop so often on my walk, to admire these early spring flowers and their fresh existing and colours – nothing short of amazing.
Many different kinds and sizes of wild flowers show their beauty all over. I wish I knew all their botanic names, but I know some and I wanted to share them here with you. Actually I wanted to share every tiny little flower, but unfortunately I only carry my iPhone with me to the park, so not all the pictures came out good enough to be shared. I know that it is still winter for many of you now, and I thought these spring colours might brightened up your wintery day wherever you are.

So many different flowers, Crown Daisies, Corn Poppy Red flowers, Common Vetch, Solanum… and some busy bees working hard all around…  It’s not only the intoxicating sights of flowers and colours, but also the aroma of the earth and the trees. Especially the Eucalyptus trees. I wish I could share it with you, I’m addicted to this ‘after the rain’ aroma of the Eucalyptus trunks, makes me feel the sense of belonging. This smell is so much related to my childhood.

I took so many pictures of these pretty magnetising Sowbread flowers. We have them here in White and in Violet/Pink with this deep Magenta centre that looks like it was air brushed. I could stare on them for hours. And I wonder who is this brilliant designer? 
We also have first signs of spring in our balcony garden. Found these Viola tiny flowers and red Wild Roses, on out back balcony, while I was out to hang some laundry a few days ago. Guess how long it took me to hung out this laundry tub.  And the sky above us… inhale early spring sky to complete this colourful pleasure. And as if that’s not enough, this mini Buttercups arrangement is what’s left from a beautiful bouquet that our teenager brought with her on Valentine’s day. They had a special flowers giveaway in their high school on Valentine’s. Isn’t that a lovely idea?

I mean, how could one breath and digest it all? The best way to capture it all is by sharing it here with you.No wonder at all that these early signs of spring inspired me to dive into some colourful crochet. When I was back from the park one of these mornings, I felt so inspired by these utterly vivid colours. I made myself a cup of coffee and took out some of my colourful Japanese crochet books. I had the most wonderful dive into these perfectly made pages. There’s a lot of this Spring language in these books. I was looking for something to keep this spring spirit in a crochet project and there it was.  It was very easy to find something Spring-y within these pages and a few hours later I had these on my table. The following days were all about a Spring-y Hexagons designing. It took a few different trials but finally I designed my own Spring-y Hexagon and I am deep in a Spring blanket planning, which I aim to have as a spring project not only for my upcoming workshops but also as a crochet blanket kit. A crochet project to speak out this heart melting Spring essence. Something that will hold all this vivid Spring colours at one crochet piece. I’m very close to what I’m looking for now. Theres just a little more measurements and the usual work that needs to be done for kit planning, before I share it with you. like weight each round after crocheting and to calculate the amount of Granny Kit cotton balls that will be included in this kit. My kids were busy the last weekend, cutting paper Hexagons, to help me planning the size of the finished blanket – my angels, always so willing to help (especially when creativity and scissors are involved :))

So, I’ll go back to my new project basket now and try to make some progress with all my Spring cotton colours. I won’t let you wait so long. What do you think? are these colours and Hexagons inspired you to go on a Spring project? is it still heavy wither in your patch now? I hope these first signs of spring inspired you and brightened up your day, wherever you are. Can’t wait to share more of my next spring blanket project with you. xxxMo