As I started knitting socks, sock wool became a new yarn-y obsession for me. I wasn’t aware of it, when I just started. Didn’t know that there is such a fascinating hand dyed sock wool out there. It is safe to say now that I slowly became kind of a sock wool hunter. Sock wool became an new inspiration for me ever since I started to knit socks. Strip-y sock wool inspired me on my Stripes and Colours blanket designing.On my research (mainly through Instagram and Pinterest) I discovered a few different wool dyers and one of them was Eden Cottage Yarns. I just fell in love with their colour language. It took me a while to learn and understand what are the different blends and options that suit socks. But with the fact that it’s not that cold here in Israel and I mainly knit and wear my socks for fun (mainly), life is simple and I can choose whatever feels nice to me and makes me happy. Like all nice stories, this story starts with a soft yarn-y package that arrived at my door one blissful morning. Not so long after this wooly package from Eden Cottage Yarns has arrived, I had pair #8 on the needle. The yarn I used was Tempo fingering superwash 4ply. Colourway: Rambling Rose. And a fresh new sock starts here. The first two rows of this pair are made of the same Cascade yarn I used for pair #7. Hope you find it heart breaking combo just as I did.  Sure enough I went on another Cable sock. Because 1) I LOVE cable socks and if you follow my sock knitting journey you probably know that. 2) This was just a perfect match for my new hand dyed wool. 3) I just couldn’t wait to see this Rambling Rose colour makes the cable pattern.Both yarn and pattern were such a pleasure to work with. Christine’s Cable pattern is super easy especially with her video tutorials on YouTube.After knitting a few pair, I knew what is best for my feet and I made a few little changes within the pattern. Working the Cable stitch was faster than expected and not long after cast on, I had the toe sts, on these DPN’s, ready for Kitchener st.  It was Hanukkah when I first had them on my feet, just a perfect time for wearing wooly socks. Can you feel the happiness? Well ever since these were off the needles they are being used much more than I could tell. I found out that they look so pretty on a jeans and it surprised me how cool it looks when I had them with my sports shoes. In the above picture you can see how they look after a few washes. This pair works hard, can you see? Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, remember on my previous cable socks? When I made a regular simple heel? This time I made the crossed stitch heel, as in Christine’s pattern and wow it felt very professional. I’m very happy I made it. Take a look at her video tutorial for this one, awesome as all of her videos are. So now I have 3 Cable socks in my hand knitted sock pile. LOVE cable socks. I still can’t believe I made them. Is it a good dream and I’m gonna wake up soon? No it’s not a dream, it is REAL and all this pile is made by me and is being used more that I could ever expect. Some of them have been washed a few time by now and they still look good. I haven’t yet put them all in a box or a drawer since I alway need them outside for my students – I can’t wait to tell you all about our sock knitting meeting here but I plan to do it soon.Just in case you wonder… This stripy scrappy sock is pair #9.  Yes, the sock must go on. See you with these on my next socks blog post. xxxMo