Hello and welcome to another sock post on my sock knitting journey. Today’s post is all about pair #7 that was knitted following a sock pattern purchased on Ravelry. In this pair I wanted to experience few new stitches and techniques. This is a pair that made me feel like I’m a real sock knitter and not a newbie anymore. For the first time I knitted a pair of socks, following a pattern which is not from Christine Perry step-by-step patterns. After knitting 6 pairs following Christine’s detailed patterns, I was ready to try something new. Learning new techniques makes me feel so good. I made pair #7 following the Wildflowers & Honeycomb – by Olivia Villarreal which I really enjoyed. It was just a perfect way to kick off some new sock stitches and get opened to the wide world of sock knitting, that exists around the web.I was about to finish my Cotton Cable Socks, when the wool for pair #7 was ready on my wool winder. It was back in September 17. This time I haven’t cast on using a DPN, like I did in all my previous pairs. I decided to try and cast on using my short circular needle for the first time. As you can see I was very proud and happy of it.The pattern was very easy to follow and after learning a new Rib knitting I started knitting this little diamond shape and immediately fell in love. This little detail got me hooked.

Contrast Heel Colour: For the first time I joined a contrast colour in the heel flap…. (and toe, you will see later). Wow I was so so soooo proud. It wasn’t just a new colour to add, it was also a new heel stitches that was given in this pattern, something I never did before. So many new thing to experiment in one pair. This toe pattern came out very pretty with a contrast colour, a new toe pattern. Oh silly me, I almost forgot to tell you what yarns are used here. It was quite a while ago (I’m really far behind with my socks updates). Well I do keep a list of all the yarns I used for my hand knitted socks. Pair #7 is made of: Cascade Heritage colour Limestone, which I purchased on Wool Warehouse with some ‘textured’ socks in mind. The Contrast colour is from a very old stash I have – it’s a plain mustard Regia sock wool. I will tell you more about this sock yarn stash I have here for ages, on later posts. These two made a perfect match for the Wildflowers & Honeycomb pattern – go me for colours matching!

This cotton needle case that my mom made for me is like a portable little sock studio. It usually lays open on our living room table. I love its simplicity and the way it holds everything in a ‘ready to use’ way. It keeps the whole making process so delicious. This little organisation is so much me. Small pockets filled with all my sock needles, is there anything sweeter than this? You can see above that I was busy knitting pair #7, right after I finished my Granny Kit cotton cable pair. I find these colours and textures so soft and inviting together. Second toe making is a sign that a new pair of socks is almost ready. On the toe making I usually divide my work on 4 DPN’s. I work most of the toe on a set of 5 15 cm’ DPN’s, till about 3 rounds before grafting. Love LOVE taking pictures of my sock knitting process. Being able to follow this beautiful sock pattern, made me feel I’m no longer a sock knitting beginner. I was very happy with the results. At this point while taking this picture (holding my IPhone in a very funny way) I was the happiest person on earth. Shooting my own feet in these advanced hand knitted socks – not a basic pattern anymore. Joy in heart!!! I haven’t blocked them yet but my feet do this anyway when I wear them. I actually wear all my hand knitted socks quite a lot and enjoy with every step. This pair was so fun to work on and after 6 pairs that were made following Christine’s book it wasn’t complicated at all.  I do appreciate this hand knitted socks pile. I love each and every one of them. Hope you like them too. Thank you so much for following my sock knitting adventures. I really enjoy blogging all the steps on this wooly journey and I am very thankful for having you here with me, reading my stitches thoughts. More socks stories are on their way here.All my socks posts are under the Socks category, here on the right side bar of my blog: [Pair #1]  [Pair #2]  [Pair #3]  [Pair #4] [Pair#5] [Pair#6] Make yourself a cup of coffee, lay back and take a ride to my virtual sock-land, xxxMoP.S If by any chance you feel inspired and you like to try making your own hand knitted socks, here are some useful links for everything you’ll need to start up with:

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DPN’s 2.5 mm these or these
Short circular needls: these or these

Row counter

Stitch Markers

Tapestry needle