Today’s table was too pretty. I just took the memory card out of my camera in order to put all the pictures in their files, on my computer and I realised that it will be the best if I stay at my desk and share today’s photos. Hot hot photos from the Monday’s table, today’s table. The girls just left a few hours ago and my parents took the boys to the cinema. My original plan was to continue working on my new Linen Clutch PDF but, with these photos… I have to share them with you. Ohhh my Monday girls are so so sweet and creative and we have such fun together, every week.As a continuation to my last blog post you’ll easily see the progress of each of the projects. Remember I told you I can’t wait to see more of these Starfish squares? These colours are making me soOOOoo happy that I can hardly tell. RutiK is working on this Starfish blanket + she works on a Smitten blanket + see next picture, she just started a new project today. On today’a meeting she started to work on some Calla flowers and we took a nice pattern from a crochet book and made some little changes, in a minute I’ll share more of it….Millet has finished her Market Tote, and some of you have asked me where can you find the pattern. Well, you can easily find this pattern shared on Pinterest but the one you see here is a bigger version I wrote for my workshop girls. It is only written in Hebrew at the moment but please look on Pinterest you’ll find one. Millet used colour Reef for her tote. Millet is working now on a very lovely pattern from Cherry Heart.Yaffa is working on her second long legged fox. She makes this one with colours Brick and Shale Grey.Our happy table…  Ronny has started to work on the handles for her ‘just dc’s stripy bag’. She started crocheting the handle using colour Ebony but she plans to mix a few colours.Tove works on her Market tote. She is using colour Cadet.Naomi crocheted the Hello Yellow bag using colour Foggy with a Sand stripe. Look at her gorgeous sock Angie bunnies, they got some cotton outfits. She made a ‘pretty in pink’ in Lace colour and she mixed&matched some bunnies’ clothes on the other bunny. I love the way her Angie bunny came out, she’ll make more (a lot more but shhhh don’t tell her).And this meeting between these two sock bunnies, one Angie Bunny notebook and many Starfish squares.Eden’s bag is holding her pretty 4 Seasons Chevron blanket. Eden has just started a new project (just sc’s one) but it was too early to show, hope to have some nice pictures of it for the next time. Remember this Calla RutiK has started to work on? Here is her first Calla flower…And here’s what she sent me a few hours after our meeting today, just as I was writing this blog post.Now we have to decide which colour to work for the background of this Starfish blanket, so we though about a few options, I’ll share more of it soon. We had such a lovely crochet meeting today. Hope you enjoyed this dive into our messy colourful busy table. Now I’m off to my piano lesson, see you next time, xoxMo