Ohhhh These Mondays׳ crochet meetings are such a bliss and I have this strong feeling that these colourful moments I’m gonna share today will lift your spirits and make your heart sing just like mine. Having these Mondays workshops’ here every week is a lot more than just a crochet meeting. You don’t have to be here to feel what I’m talking about. Here are some colourful inspiring moments from Monday’s table. Our Mondays have became a bonding team, with so many inspiring colourful moments to share… In the picture above Eden and Tammi are making this square from a crochet book I have with some little tweaks to make it a beautiful soft baby blanket. Eden is alternating between these squares and her 4 seasons chevron, which grows every week a little further. She is a performer and she usually crochets on her way to and before she goes up on stage. Naomi is working on her First Angie Bunny ever. I could tell from the first impression that this was going to be a new addiction of hers. (she is already addicted shhhhh). A Hello Yellow beginning, RutiK is making one, you’ll see a few more projects that RutiK is crocheting.
Yaffa is working on the Hello Yellow bag handles as well as on this cute long legged fox. She found it on Pinterest and asked for my guidance. It’s a lovely pattern and you can find it for free on Pinterest.Millet is working on her market tote. Love this colour she uses for her tote, colour: Reef.and I love this busy table too. LovEEEeee this Monday’s table.
Yaffa is not just working on her Hello Yellow and Fox but she is also making this stash of Smitten squares that will soon be a blanket.  Another Smitten blanket in progress, crocheted square by square and joined by RutiK. She will start to work on the Smitten edge soon. She is making it in White, using colour: Lace.Tova is making a cotton Neat Wave cushion for her grandson’s room. This beautiful pattern was made and shared by Lucy from Attic24. I have a few students here that crocheted it with Granny Kit cotton colours and it worked beautifully as seen above. Ronny is working on a cotton stripy bag and she is using some Granny Kit cotton oddments she has. This circular bag is crocheted with dc’s only. Next week we plan to make the bag handles. I love this simplicity, and it’s fun for her because with this kind of project she doesn’t have to think too much or counting so she can talk…. and she speaks and makes us laugh and interrupts the others while they are counting…..
Remember these squares? This picture was taken a week later. Tammi made 3 rounds of dc’s around her squares and joined them in a super easy way I had taught her and……A super soft and pretty baby blanket is coming soon… Told you she’d become addicted…. now Naomi is crocheting Angie Bunny with sock yarn oddments. Sock yarn Angie will have a Pretty in pink dress soon. A fresh start of the Starfish Blanket, made by RutiK. She sent me a picture of some very colourful Starfish squares she crocheted while sitting in her rooftop garden, the day after this photo was taken. Can’t wait to see more of them next week. Love her colour choice.Happy table Happy crochetime Happy colours & Happy us indeed.And these Linen stitch swatches… Mondays’ girls saw this little Linen stitch stripe that’s in the picture above, laying in my sample basket and asked me if I can teach them this beautiful woven kind of stitch. So I did. All the swatches you see above are first time Linen stitch made by them. We all agreed that it could be a perfect project to crochet a Clutch made out of Linen stitch. So now I’m very busy developing one. For the last 2 weeks I’ve worked on a new pattern for a Linen Clutch which I plan to put on my Etsy shop. If you follow me on social media, you might have seen my Linen Clutch WIP. So, if you feel like making your own Linen Clutch, I will soon put both pattern and kit on my Etsy shop. I will post here and on social media once  it’s ready so stay tuned. Last Monday, just before they left… we couldn’t leave before I took this picture of Ronny holding a Hello Yellow bag, which match her colourful sandals so beautifully. Thank you Ron. See you next time. Oh really I do have 3 gazillion plus more pretty things to share here with you. I wish I could find more time to write them down. I will do that step by step and share everything I want to share here, one at a time. Hope you enjoyed what I shared here today, please come visit again, xoxMo.