It’s finally here, !! HURRAY !! for the new and updated colour card of my Granny Kit cotton yarn !! I can’t tell you how happy I am. I feel so happy, so excited and so proud of it. Maybe just because it was purely ‘home made’. It was a long process done in my little home studio, which ended with this magical graphic touch of my beloved friend Shirley, who created the pre print version and sent it to the printer, for me.  This process of making the colour card is just like the difference between buying a fancy cake from a well known bakery or making your own home made one. It is so much alike. Why have I created a new colour card you wonder? I made it as I added two new colours to my Granny kit cotton line: APRICOT and WALNUT. They both got their places within my cotton boxes, here at my little home studio.The Walnut got it’s place right between the Umber (from left) and Sepia (from right).The Apricot found it’s place right next to Tangerine (on its left) and Hot orange (on its right). So both Apricot and Walnut made it nice and easy within their colour families but as you can guess they could work nicely in many other colour combos too. I get offers for new cotton colours on a regular basis from different cotton suppliers but usually I feel that the colours need a little tweak to fit into my cotton collection. With these two, however, I just knew from first moment, that they can easily fit into my rich and colourful Granny Kit cotton line and make your life ever harder when you choose your own colours 😉 You can see how nice the Apricot plays in its spot within the Orange – Coral family. It is paler than the Tangerine but very close in terms of tone height. I like this Orange combo so I think of placing it, as is, in my shop.The Walnut plays nicely in the Brown – Purples field and this Spicy addition lifts it up with its light.What do you think of this group of colours? From left: Brick, Maroon, Walnut, Sepia & Umber. There’s some Red in the Walnut’s recipe, can you see it?Adding a new colour to the line means I have to add it to my colour card, which means I have to place a new colour card in each and every items on my Etsy shop so that you can easily pick your colours for your crafts projects. SO I just worked out a new one and wanted to share this colourful process with you. This colour card making process earned me so many blissful hours and with so many beautifully coloured compositions that I just had to share here with you. I started this process by crocheting these tiny 12 dc’s flat circles, I made one for each of the colours within the line, 85 in total. I just can’t tell you how much I enjoyed making them.One by one I made a tiny circle for each colour and then piled them together by colours. I enjoyed every little moment on this part of the process. You can easily see my happiness through these pictures. I piled them in colour groups and got hooked by these beautifully coloured compositions. Just look at these colour composition, isn’t it just so inspiring and uplifting little moment?

At the same time I worked on my card’s layout, this Apricot pile was on its way into a package for one of my local customers.After I had all 85 colours made into tiny circles I laid them out on a white sheet of paper and as you could see in the above pictures I make it in a very low-tech way :)). Well when I say “I laid them out” on a white paper, I mean it took me days to decide in what order to put them in and which one to put next to the other. But finally I made it. After so many different options, I got it set and it looked right to me. I used to make so many colour “waterfalls” back when I was a design director at the Jacquard mill. I made thousands of them with colour ways for upholstery fabrics, so this kind of job is not new to me. Still it’s something that needs to be done with a lot of attention. The next step was to photo shoot it. I can write a whole separate post about the photo shooting as this stage is really the hardest. Waiting for the right light and photo shoot it so that the colour comes across right. I am really proud of the result, to be honest. This is the final version of my new colour card. 85 colours in total. You’ll get one card like this with each purchase you place at my Etsy shop. It’ll be put into each and every one of your packages. If you would like to get one before choosing your colours, you can find it here. It’ll be here on my website as well so this digital version can also help you choos your colours.This is the back side of the card, where you can find specifications of the Granny Kit cotton yarn. These specifications can help you understand if this 100% mercerised cotton is good for your DIY craft project. I use this cotton mainly for my CrochetObjet projects but this yarn is super delicious for tones of different craft projects.The size of this card is 13 x 18 c”m and as I said before, I’ll put one in every package you purchase. I have added this colour card to each and every item at my Etsy shop so you can leave me a list of your colour choice as a note to seller while check out, choosing colours from this card. Hope you like my new colour card and that all the names of the colours are clear to you. Thank you so much for reading my long card making story. xoxMo