On the last 3-4 weeks I’m happily busy crocheting this Linen Clutch. Remember I told you here how and when this idea came from? It came out with my Mondays’ girls, while I was teaching them the Linen Stitch. They just fell in love with it’s texture and so did I. We all thought that making a Clutch out of the Linen stitch, can be a fun project and we agreed that we will all wait till I have a Linen Clutch pattern written down – we are this kind of optimistic women. I felt my fingers itching, like they usually do when I’m really into something and I think it was the day after when I crocheted my first mini Linen Clutch. Once I had this sketch done I could easily vision the bigger one and I started immediately crocheting and writing down a Linen Clutch pattern.
This Linen Stitch got me hooked. It’s magical woven kind of texture and the way it plays with colours, made my heart sing. It was looking better and better with every round added and I felt I dive into this tiny tiny little detailed micro cosmos.  

A pack of 12 Granny Kit cotton colours created such a rich and vibrant Linen surface.Now I have my own Linen Clutch ready and I even took him out for a date and I just wanted to let you know that I will very soon have both pattern and kit available on my Etsy shop so you can also make yourself one. 

I spent the last 3 days at my studio, working on the Linen Clutch pattern taking tones of photos, crocheting each and every step again and again, writing and checking, crocheting, writing and checking. Creating a SUPER clear and easy to follow pattern. Honestly, I just spent TONS of hours at my studio creating this step-by-step pattern so you can enjoy the DIY process and feel like you are here with me on one of my workshops.Few of my students here have started already to work their Linen Clutch and the plan is that you’ll be able to start working on this awesome DIY project VERY soon. I’ll post here once I have it done and ready,  Stay tuned, xoxMo