IT’S HERE !!! The Linen Clutch PATTERN & KIT are now available on my Etsy shop. A clear and easy to follow step-by-step pattern and a kit with 12 cotton colours as crocheted in my Linen Clutch are now available. I am so so sooooooo VERY proud of them. I prepared the pattern just before we head off on our summer vacation since I wanted YOU to enjoy this DIY project just as I enjoyed making it and as we enjoy creating it here in our workshops and Monday Group. I created a pattern that will make you feel like you’re here around the table in one of my workshops. After taking tones of photos to accompany each and every step of the pattern, I ended up with a 15 pages PDF file. These  are highly detailed instructions that you will follow to make the Linen Clutch just the way I made it. Although I ended up with 15 pages for this pattern I could have easily done more. That is because my heart starts to race while stepping into the very small details along the process. This process was full of tiny little heart breaking details. I am very satisfied that I managed to write up this pattern in only 15 pages as could have taken much more. SO now it’s finally here and YOU can also make one and enjoy crocheting this Linen Stitch Clutch. Now you have the chance to order the Kit just before I go on vacation. But first let me give you some important information about the Linen Clutch pattern and kit. THE LINEN CLUTCH PATTERN
This pattern is a step-by-step tutorial written in English – with US crochet terms – complete with many close up pictures for each step. This will make it much easier for you to follow. By following this pattern, you’ll be able to crochet the Linen Clutch exactly as seen in the pictures. The list with all the stitches used is in this pattern is given at the beginning of the file. The Colour sequence is given on the last page of the pattern. The pattern is available here.
These instructions are written step by step, followed by close up pictures to make it easier for you to follow and is good for you even if you are a beginner.
With Granny Kit cotton yarn and the recommended hook, your Linen Clutch will come out Aprox: 22 cm (8.7″) X 15 cm (5.9″)WHAT DO YOU NEED
The Linen Clutch Kit
Crochet hooks: 2/ 2.25mm
Crafty scissors & a tapestry needleWHAT WILL YOU GET IN THE KIT
I’ve put together a kit for you so you can make your own Linen Clutch. This kit contains :

  • 12 balls of GrannyKit cotton in colours:
    Ecru, Spicy, Wheat, Olive, Tropical, Moss, Roseate, Cameo, Alice, Cadet, Root, Pistachio
  • A PDF file of a step-by-step pattern for the Linen Clutch – you’ll receive it by e mail
  • A colour card of my cotton collection

You’ll get everything in a nice organza bag that can be your project bag. The kit is available here.The 12 colours in this kit from top left:
Cadte, Alice, Cameo, Roseate
Olive, Wheat, Spicy, Ecru
Root, Tropical, Moss, Pistachio

Crochet hook – you’ll need a 2/ 2.25mm crochet hook.
Crafty scissors & a tapestry needle.EVRYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MY COTTON We all enjoy making this Linen Clutch here on my workshops and Mondays’ and I have this strong feeling that you’ll enjoy it too. Just one little note about dates and shipping. If you like to get this kit just before I’m off to Stockholm, please make sure to place your orders right away as my last visit to the post will be Thursday, August 10th. If you place your order later than Wednesday, August 9th – it’ll be packed and sent when I’m back, after August 20th.

What do you think of this Linen Clutch? did you like it? are you going to give it a go? Hope I made everything clear about the new kit and pattern and that you are going try out this fun project. Please feel free to ask any question you have regarding this Kit or about the Pattern. If you ARE going to crochet one please note that I’ll be more than happy to see your creations. Therefor if you’re on IG please share your Linen Clutch with #crochetobjet or #linenclutch and join the Linen Clutch makers there. Thank you so much for your nice comments on my IG and FB pages and thank you so much for following me here on my blog. You make me feel I have the most wonderful job ever.
Now I’ll take MY linen clutch out for some final errands before we go on our family vacation, on Thursday. I promise to share all things beautiful from there with you, whenever I can/ have WIFI. xoxMo