We had two workshops here this week. These crochet meetings provided us with some beautiful crochet objets that I think you’ll love to see. I finally wrote down the Chamomile flowers pattern, inspired by the divine Jung-Jung. It provided us with hours of meditative crochet pleasure, with tones of pictures and with happy hearts. I’ve collected some of these inspiring crochet moments and I’m so happy to share them here with you.In my Chamomile pattern I use a Granny Kit cotton and a fine crochet hook, 1.5 mm or max 1.75 mm. I find that this combination creates a very fine work. The density of the stitches with this cotton yarn, creates a very high quality crocheted bouquet. The pictures you’ll see today, will show the Chamomile flowers crocheted here for the first time in my workshops.It all starts with the table set up – 84 different shades of Granny Kit cotton are placed on the table. I love to put them in colour groups – my colour therapy trick. Fresh strawberries, cookies, dried mango and some nuts. Crochet pattern + hook and scissors per each participant. I put a lot of attention on the table set up. I find it very inviting and I love that my girls can feel here like they are visiting a crochet spa :))))) I love to see their faces when they get close to their sits and when they are set around the table. 
I try to provide each participant with her own little space among the others.First chamomile flowers are showing up here… At the first part of the workshop I’m very busy explaining the instructions, teaching new stitches and looking over their work. When all of them are OK with the instructions and I feel comfortable I pick up my camera and take some pictures. This pretty mess and these spontaneous compositions on our crochet table is telling a happy story.When the first chamomile flower was ready…. this moment was like…. mmmmm it was soooo exciting and just super delicious. I took ten thousands pictures of her holding it. This magical moment of having it ready – we were all high and some wow noises were released into the air… I was very surprised when some of them even started the second flower. On my Chamomile pattern I gave three petals options and here, this talented lady is crocheting the second petal option.We also had few blankets and cushions on the make, this week. This lady is a new student of mine. This is her third visit here and she works with the Bloom Blanket pattern, creating a bloom cushion. I’m so blessed with the girls in my workshops. I think I have a special angel that takes care of it for me, because each one of the girls is a sweetheart. I feel so happy to have them as part of my CrochetObjet world. Chatty hilarious Ronny is working on her Fun Ripple scarf and she also makes the Midwife blanket for her new grand child. With this creative mind like hers, she always needs few different projects to work on in parallel.E makes a scarf out of the Alice blanket pattern crocheting with colour Ruby – love that colour choice she made. Y took out some ceramics she makes, to show us. I just couldn’t stand this fresh combination between the glassed ceramic buttons and the cotton crocheted chamomile. The Corsage flower is another new pattern I’ve just created. I made it especially for talented R as she is busy creating a secret project which I’m very excited about. A new 4 Seasons Chevron blanket in work – made by E as her on going project for the next few months. E is a performer and she always sending me pictures of her, crocheting before the show – Love you E. My cotton yarn shop set up for the workshops. The girls can pick the colours they want, before they go home. I am always there to help them colouring their new crochet projects. Love LO  VVEEEE these CrochetObjet totes – Sewn by my beloved mother and hand printed by me – SUPER perfect for crochet projects, but not just…..What can I say, I love to see them happy with their creations when they leave – Y wore this Indigo plaid jacket with this Indigo stripes scarf and  her Chamomile flower just pop up so beautifully. Her Chamomile flower came out so precise.This is the table at the end of the workshop. While cleaning up the table and putting everything back to place, this yarn-y composition called my camera. Beside these joyful crochet meetings, I’m busy with my on going and with my new projects. At the same time that these colourful cotton colours were laying on the kitchen table, my Smitten blanket was laid on our living room table. I really hope to have some time to work on it, this weekend.This Chrysanthemum pattern is also in work here. I plan to have it ready for next week’s meeting.I am SO in LOVE with my new Chamomile pattern, I could put 10 millions pictures of it here and on IG and FB and wherever possible. I will make a special board in Pinterest for it soon. I am totally in love with it and I can’t wait writing it in English. Next on my to do list is writing the English version for the Chamomile pattern together with some other new crochet flowers patterns.

One thing is definitely clear by now :: My to do list is an imaginary list and I am a big dreamer. See you soon xoxMo.