We had these heavy rainy days, two weeks ago. They came after a few days of dusty, desert-y, dry winds – not nice weather at all. So when the rain came, heavier as it was, it brought kind of a relief. It was when I came back from one of my ‘kids driver’ jobs, that I found this ‘expressive arts’ waiting for me right next to our parking spot, right on the line between ours and our neighbours parking spot. I kind of had this heart melting moment but it took a few seconds till I took out my cell phone to make a picture of this art moment. I love the way the wind and rain put this perfect colour & textures composition. Actually I love everything about this picture.We enjoyed a rainy weekend and so our garden did. Not the last weekend but the one before. Our balcony garden is happy and ready indeed for the rain. Winter is very welcome by now. We are really in a need of some rainy days here.If life gives you a rainy weekend you hug it and make sure you have a hook close by. ‘And so I must go where destiny leads me’. I took my hook and some cotton yarn and together with my patterns sketchbook, started writing down these leaves I crocheted after discovering Jung Jung.I have crocheted for few good hours – enjoying every single moment without paying attention to the time, and the time just flies. Having a quiet day at home with some yarn and a hook, with happy kids around – I think I found what I was looking for. I spent all the wee small hours of the morning on the living room’s sofa crocheting and writing down this leaf. I didn’t expect this pattern will come out that long but it did. It took 5 pages of my sketch book. I hope the real pattern will be ready soon. The week after passed by very quickly and without noticing it’s the weekend again. The last weekend was kind of dry, no rain and we were a little disapointed of that. But we had friends for lunch so I had just a short time for my wee small hours of Saturday morning crochet. We spent the morning together in the kitchen E and myself (I love our together time in the kitchen). We made a delicious meal, we cut, we chopped, we cooked and we had a really great home made healthy meal in like 2-3 hours. We spent few hours together with our beloved friends here. Eating and chatting and laughing like crazy. Kids were so happy having this lunch together. There are some friends that you consider as family and no matter how long ago was it when you last met them, it will be BANG the first minute on your next meeting. So we had quite fun time with these close friends of ours and I hope it will happen more often.I felt quite satisfied and happy when it was time to go to bed. I thought it’ll be nice to end such a great weekend with some crochet time in my white crispy linens, so I took my new Angie bunny with me to bed. I’m so grateful for this weekend family time as our week days are so busy and we can hardly find the time to have all of us together around the table for a dinner at the same time. Within the fully busy week days, there are these small groups crochet meetings, weekly meetings that I feel so blessed to have here on the wee small hours of the morning. It is one of those favourite morning activities. I have the most lovely girls around our table and these crochet mornings are such a bliss. I love love loVE my job. Each lady with her own project. Sometimes they just work on their on going projects but sometimes they choose to learn something new. This lady has just started to crochet the 4 seasons chevron blanket. Each one with her own choice. They will always have my eye on their project, on colours, on crochet tension, on stitching questions. We usually have some cleansing tea and coffee for the ones in need (mostly me). We try not to have too sweet stuff on the table and the overall atmosphere is very creative though quiet. I really am thankful for these mornings and for meeting these special ladies.I look at the above photo and I feel so in love with these squares. Smitten Square made by ByHaafner.I started to teach a little of these flowers I made inspired by Jung Jung but the actual pattern is not ready yet. The thing with these small groups meetings is that I can teach new patterns even if they are not written as an actual pattern yet. In this case this lady has been a student of mine for quite a while so we have good communication. I just instructed her while she was working – she is very easy and I felt it’ll go with no issues. She has made tons of flowers with a fine hook and tidy stitches. I think her work is amazing and the pictures are perfectly showing this.My morning walks are taking place daily when I don’t teach. I enjoy visiting the park in the wee small hours of the morning, so so so much. These green walks by the park are so mind cleaning and I feel it’s a must have for me. It helps me get more orgenized with my plans, with my ideas and it keeps my busy creative mind alive. We just got free family subscritpion to the Apple music service and I have all the music in the world with me on the park now – imagine that! Yesterday morning, when I came back from the park, I made some time for this flower pattern writing. Pattern writing always comes with beautiful music playing. So now I have it all written, just words. I gave few petals options on the same pattern file as these flowers is an addiction, remember I told you!The next step on this pattern is to take photos of each step along and create a nice and beautifully made, step-by-step pattern. I thought to call it Chamomile flowers. The plan is to have this pattern ready and closed for my December workshops and then to have it written in English as well. OhhhHHH plans plans plans…. I definitely need more time, especially in need for more of these ‘wee small hours of the morning’ – where all the good stuff is happening. I can’t wait sharing some colourful and inspiring moments from November’s workshops. See you soon, xoxMo